Review - LJH Oxygen Brightening Bubble Mask

Saturday, September 06, 2014

The power of bubbles - Oxygenated bubbles has so much raves during a certain period of time.

Only spa or facial salon has the capabilities to inject oxygen to the skin, making it supple, radiant and brightening effect after each treatment.

But now~ with technology home user is able to create the same oxygenated bubbles treatment through mask.

LJH Oxygen Brightening Bubble Mask.

A wash off gel mask that foams up with bubbles that

  1. Brighten the skin making it look awake
  2. Soften the skin (especially the nose area where black heads form easily) for the next step of treatment
  3. Hydrates the skin to ensure that the skin is kept supple
  4. Only takes 5 mins

i have been consistenly using it for the past couple of months and i can say it never once fail me to be amaze the after treatment effect.

so i squeeze out the product about 50 cents and liberally apply to my face, do not go thin layer and it would not be able to create dense bubbles to cover the face.

and let it sit for 5 mins. 

Can you see how well it foams up?  (I did not notice it until i was shooting this shot)

Many would just rinse it off after the bubble is form but i tend to let it sit for good 5 minutes and just let the oxygenated bubbles do it works. The packaging states to rub and massage the product into the skin but i do that after the 5 minutes time frame.

Its tingly when you let the bubbles just sit and do it job but after a few time i gotten use to it and hearing the bubble popping sound makes it even relaxing. 

the before and after picture, you can see that the left side of my face (your right side) look so much brighter, especially the eye area.

(No editing except watermark)

Less puffiness and the darkness around the eye and redness on the nose is not as visible compare on the right side of the face (your left side).

Downside is that after each use there is no stopper on the dispense pump so naturally there are bubbles foaming even when the cap is close and it was a mess to clean it up and to me i find it as a waste because i know that i can get a good use at least on one cheek area for the amount of product wasted. Perhaps only need to change is the packaging.

Overall its a good product 8/10

  1. Easy to use
  2. Suitable for dry to combination (my skin types) but it might work for all since its a Oxygen Brightening Bubble Mask
  3. Fairly good value as you can use almost up to 3-4 months from it if you apply once a week.
If you like to get your hand on this AMAZING product

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