5 tips - How to be Fashion ready on Instagram?

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Instagram – New revolutionary micro-blogging platform where all folks of life able to post photos happening around them, for examples young fashionista are able to showcase their inner fashion goddess to the whole world.

#ootd aka outfit of the day. Great source of inspiration and many try to replica the feeling but let’s be honest; 1000 picture only probably 1 taken looks fairly decent and probably cannot get you 100 likes immediately.

But there are tips and tricks for you here to be fashion ready and get at least 50 likes.

Tips #1 - Getting a good camera or SD memory card with WIFI capabilities

Yes, Let’s be honest that although phone are great in taking picture and save the hassle carrying many gadget. No quality can beat camera shot.

Gadgets are name for what they are named, so invest a good point and shoot semi-pro camera that has timer or wireless remote control would reap you good shots and memory.

Any perfect shot you took is able to transfer to your phone and Voila!
Great quality that beat any phone camera anytime!

Tips #2 - Patience, Patience and Patience.

Getting a good camera is one thing but if YOU are ready for the shot?

There are many crazy awkward moment that you might find it embarrassing because you are not use to it and probably wanting to try out new pose but sometimes it does not come naturally.

So do not be afraid and rush into getting the perfect shot. Do repeative poses if you must and you would get it – trust me!

If you happen to have a friend whom is not into taking photos, Please give them courage and patience or sample images so they know what to look out for when taking the shots. – Double trust me on that!

Tips #3 - Comfortably Confident!

Following from #2 – Poses does not come naturally because we are not model that are ready to pose anytime anywhere.

We are normal human being, putting on makeup; looking all so fine for the perfect shoot but there is some awkwardness peaking through. 


The key is to be confident and be comfortable in your own world. Tell yourself that you are doing it fine and keep giving the vibe to the camera and nail it!

Tips #4 - Filters & Hashtag are free!

Making use of filter to help portray the emotion that you would like to show case, It gives depth and meaning to the photos that you want to show.

Black & White to vintage looking.

Try it out and make it your style. Be unique can attract unique followers who appreciate your work. If they love your work – they will LIKE your photos.

My favorite filters are Rise and Valencia!

Apart from adding filters, listing possible hashtag subject to your photo tend to get attention from other instagram followers who are finding the same similar content inspiration.

Tips #5 - Do your homework!

Where to get inspiration, where to get this outfit, Where to get this and that! There are so many things to do, so do your homework.

Check out Zalora’s blog for the latest trend happening.

Apart from that resource from where to get that specific items can be limited and to be honest, Fancy items tend to be costly.

You do not need to get exactly the same stuff, similar would do and that’s what inspiration means and not copy + paste.

(Get statement jewellery during sale would usually cost 50% or lesser than usual yet still looking time-less)

Here is a look that I wore it recently – Very casual and lay back. This pose was taken after a couple of warm up shots, and suddenly I got struck by a certain feeling and pose for it. VIOLA! The shot which I think work with my inspired style.

And this shot I took for competition in Digital Fashion Week.

Both setting took quite some time to prepare and knowing the basic knowledge of making things come together, once you know how well it pairs – You have found the basic platform for you to venture. 

Hope this post is helpful to you and have fun with instagram, it is a great platform for me to really be creative and be daring to showcase what I can be :)

Follow me @missjology on instagram or #missjology me so I can Like your photo!

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