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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Ladies let me introduce to you a new feature of the Street Directory app.

But first in order to know how to use. Please download this application by searching for "Singapore Maps" in your mobile-app store (iOS & Android available).

**just saying all the image are watermark with "missjology" because i do not want people to anyhow use the image to claim that voucher. Thank you!

This is how it looks like on iOS

It works the same!

Do make sure that you allow the application to know your location so that they can provide the closest offer near by your area.

So over the weekend i was having a stay-cation at the Studio M hotel (fabulous hotel that has a mezzanine level for extra bedding to sleep, more details in later post), so i want to make use of the app to check out what are the offers near by and how accurate it is.

I was surprise to see that there are many offers around my area. 120 offers!!


of course i am spoilt for choice and definitely lost in what should i get.

If you are like me who am lost, Click on the offers near you! hyperlink to get you started with. They have basic offers for you to check it out.

I check out the sushi place call En Grill & Bar having 30% off, look pretty good and i realize that i click further to see the offer details i was able to rate the offer!

Apart from the usual food reviews from customer, i was able to see if the offer is worth getting or if there is fine print that i might have missed out. Click [*see offer details &/or Rate this offer]

You also can share the information to anyone you know!

There is beauty/spa/bar/shopping saving as well. Heck, they even have chiropractic offer at 72% off!

Now speaking of stay-cation.. they having street directory with Naumi hotel.

20% off!!

to know what is the code - GO DOWNLOAD THE APP NOW TO ENJOY THE 20% OFF PROMOTION!!

Don't say i didn't share!! and here is the link which is conveniently provided for you!

Have a great weekend my readers!

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