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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hello everyone,

i just participate the MUFE makeup addict contest - this is a contest for non-makeup-certification contestant who loves makeup and enjoy doing it~

So the prize for this contest is actually a chance to learn makeup for 1 week in paris!!

i not sure if i am going to win because other contestant are pretty awesome and i guess many of them are wayyy better than me.

anyway the video has to be speed up to 2:30mins. So i apologise if the "tutorial" video looks a little choppy. BUT if you are interested in the tutorial and like to know how i create this look, i am more than happy to slow down and do a proper voice over for the video.

here is some shots i took after the recording..

Hope everyone is hanging on to their mid-week!

Update about my life: my dad admitted hospital last monday and just got discharge today. would love to thanks everyone who has been very patience to me in churning out blogpost for reviews as such. Things has been tough on the family and relatives and i am amaze myself to be able to pull it through for many days. I heading out for my night class later - #ButFirstLetMeTakeAQuickNap before powering my way through for class. (anyone getting sick and tired of that song?? my brother keep it on reply and its super annoying!!)

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