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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Its very common now for customer to shop online, the convenient and the variety it carries with a touch of mobile phone or sweep of a mouse through the web. Plus, why not shop for expensive items online for a cheaper price?

There is also the unequivocal advantage of being able to shop 24/7 without having to queue up.

I admit that i have done major and serious damage to my wallet before and even now with all the temptation that is lurking at the online shops with the huge SALE sign blinking and telling me that i need to get this-that-and-that!

To be honest - No one is ever satisfy even when the product they choose is already a SALE items, surely there will be 1 or 2 pieces of items that they put in their online cart is non-sale item. Confirm and surely they would want to get more deals out of it! (Guilty as charged, i AM one of them~) 

In the united states there is tons of website that provide online code for customer to make use of during their online purchase, they even have a overall discount or free shipping on their shopping carts. BUT the hassle for us to purchase from the US and ship back to Singapore is a pure torture because of the waiting time and the "Discount" is basically out shipping cost back to Singapore.

FEAR NOT!! That’s where iPrice Singapore comes in and lends a helping hand to all customers.
You can make significant savings just by clicking on a few links to obtain Online coupons. Yes Singapore very first online coupons website that provide code and links for better shopping ONLINE deal!!

Let me tell you what is iPrice Singapore is about:- 

iPrice was founded in September of last year after realising that there was a niche for online coupons in the South East Asia region. 

  • iPrice was set up to help people get better deals online while ensuring a safe and reliable experience. 
  • iPrice is present in several South East Asian countries like; Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Brunei, Hong Kong, Singapore and Philippines. 
  • iPrice was made to facilitate the lives of online shoppers and not to complicate it. 
  • iPrice Singapore’s website design and straightforward; there is no link to other websites or no unnecessary ads to annoy the user.

Its not like "print-out" coupon that you purchase in advance or scams or asked to perform some form of task before you can access the discount code (usually: a survey, a competition or registering with your email address).  

its REALLY and AUTHENTIC COUPON CODE AND LINKS to singapore online shopping platform - such as Zalora , Smartbuyglasses , Expedia, Highstreetlabels , Foxy Sales and Qoo10. 

Crazy right, just the Zalora and Qoo10 already sound so amazing!! because i shop there before and they have many choices of outfit and stuff you can buy buy and buy. And now with the shopping codes - i can save save save and BUY more~

All you have to do is visit iPrice Singapore, click on the coupon code that you want and then click on it. A small box will load with the code, and all you have to do is copy and paste it in the checkout box where you’re shopping online. .

As simple as that!  iPrice Singapore boasts a wide variety of coupon codes available for free to all customers – from travel coupons, hotel coupons, fashion coupons and even electronics, iPrice Singapore provides a great range of discounts.

Do checkout their iPrice Singapore blog to know more information where to get good deals, fashion, lifestyle and travel tips articles. Check out their very popular Kate Spade Singapore blog article about how you can buy products online and offline here.

Its the weekend!! so go shopping more the merrier!!

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  1. I am completely agree with your compliments which you have given above yes it is very crucial for saving time and effort for shopping online we all need these kind of services in our daily life I think coupon are really gonna worth because in our busy life we cant go out for shopping and buying other products like grocery and other eating stuff by the way nice deal offered by kolger in your blog but I had avail that kinds of deal form kohls discount coupons and other exciting service online where you can shop all kind of wide range products.


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