New Product - Origins Plantscription Powerful Lifting Cream

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Not wanting to admit but i have come to a stage that i have to admit and practice learning to keep my face up-lifted for as long as i could.

All of us know what does V shaped meant to all women, also known as the sign of youthful appearance - with prominent cheekbones that is plump, defined chin line along with smooth firm skin.

But living in a city filled with pollutant (haze and dust) and as well as the awful harmful UV rays from the sun, and not to mention as we age; our body tend to generate lesser collagen & elastic which essentially affects our facial contour. Resulting in sagging skin which is not flattering at all!

NOW with Origins NEW product - Plantscription Powerful Lifting Cream, one can rely on it to help re-contour and redefine the much needed definition with the help of science technology and powered of nature. 

With Science - using the plant extract that includes the power lift complex, the new emollient rich moisturizing cream helps to re-contour and lift skin, restore youthful definition and plump skin.

With Nature - In the Plantscription Powerful Lifting Cream, those ingredient are
  • Indian Commiphora - that helps in restore youthful definition and plump skin. Extracted from the bark of the plant and has been used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine for 300 years. What it does is works with Hyaluronic Acid Complex (Hydrates and plump skins) and Centaurium (restore youthful looking volume) to support natural collagen production restoring volume and lifting skin.  
  • Signature anti-aging ingredient - African Anogeissus. which is harvested as a wound healer and antimicrobial, to help in repair the appearance of lines, wrinkles and creases.
  • Mango Seed Butter - moisturize and bring smoothness to the skin
  • Squalane - protect skin's natural moisture barrier
  • Shea butter - Nourishes, protects and comforts dry skin
  • Raspberry Plant Stem Cells - Inspired by the science of cellular plant cell regeneration

The product can be used daily as a day or night cream, apply in an upward motion, concentrating on the jaw line and cheek area for lifting needs.

My Conclusion

Good points
  1. Maybe i have not really reach the age of where i see the effect of the lifting properties, but when ever i use it as a night cream because its so rich, I feel my face to appear supple and slightly tighter during the next day. 
  2. I sleep in an air-conditioner room and i felt that my face tend to be slightly dry now (probably because of my age? hopefully is not) i enjoy using it during the night as compare in the morning when the weather gets exceptionally hot and humid. 
  3. Have been using it a little over a month and i have been enjoying it! I does not break my out and i only use size little over 20cents on each application. 
  4. I am kind of impatience in terms of applying my skin care but i am surprise it settle to my skin fairly easily. 
  5. Surprising its has a lighter texture its like gel-creme formula and have great absorption.
Bad points
  1. The packaging is not really my kind of preference as i have long nails and i hate to dunk or find a spatula to get the products out.
  2. $110/ 50ml is slightly expensive and i wish they come out a smaller packaging because i feel that at the end of the product that is left in the pot tend to not be as effective as the new pots.
The product can be now purchase at any Origins counter, if you are unsure i am certain that they able to provide some sample for you to try out before you make a purchase. 

Origins has been a great brand and they are slowly becoming my favorite brand to venture out especially their mask has been all over the Youtube community. 

(A group shot of the beauty blogger i met during the event!)

Hope this post is useful and the following post will be a comparison between their powerful lifting cream and their anti-aging cream. Do check it out and see what is the differences!

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