Hello from Hong Kong/Macau!!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

From the title stated that i am still currently in hongkong/macau.

i was planning to do a everyday vlog in hongkong but my friend new place have a mis-communication with the management and the internet set up was delayed.

Even with the HKD$96 = SGD$16 tourist prepaid SIM card (PCCW-HKG) that has 5GB data plan + $30 odd local/international call for 8 days. It CANNOT be use for hotspot! i tried many "hacking" ways for 1 odd hour but to no valid :(

but i still vlog along the way and editing it as well - so when i reach singapore on sunday i can upload it on monday till saturday. (no promises!)

So now today currently i am in Macau - kind of sad to say that my travel journey is ending soon and i cannot wait for my next journey to begin!

Luckily the hotel i am staying, golden dragon hotel which suppose to have wifi was on some sort of maintenance :( but the room have cable for network! Yeah to that!!!! so its good to bring laptop around sometimes!

perhaps i would edit more of the mention video for the past few days and watch some youtube video while i rest till dinner.

Macau is a place not really to shop but to gamble and sighting... every turn i made is casino.. luckily my friend speaks canto so finding prepaid card in macau was easy and only cost HKD $50 = SGD$8-9. Dinner and lunch was easy fix as long as you ask the reception at the hotel lobby.

Hong kong Dollar can be use in Macau but do check the rates during that week as some shops varies.

Do not expect to spend a ton because if you are travelling back to hongkong - i suggest just buy at hongkong would be better and safe.

i think that's about it until if i remember anything i will drop by here and update..

take care and see you all soon!

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