Cafe Hopping - Riders Cafe Bukit Timah Saddle Club and their Death by Chocolate cake

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hello everyone,

Let me just take one solid break from work and update here quickly.

Last last Saturday me and Debbie visited the famous Rider cafe Bukit Timah Saddle Club since we were nearby for an event, plus its a place that we heard raves about their food and dessert. The main purpose is not to eat their main as we are still full from our lunch earlier, but their dessert!

Debbie wanted to try their Death by Chocolate cake & Vanilla Ice Cream while me want to try their Salted Caramel with toasted Brioche & Vanilla Ice Cream.

BUT BUT BUT how can i not order the truffle fries! I think the best to bench-mark a cafe standard is not only their dessert but their main, it just happen that most cafe's have truffle fries as their "main".

The death-defying chocolate cake!!

All i can say is that if you are a lover of rich chocolate goodness do give this a try because to me is way better than the Au-chocolate chocolate cake.

The cake sponge is dense and weirdly light - in fact it is not that sweet, the sweetness is however comes from the melting Chocolate Ganache which is sandwich between each cakes and then before serving they warm up the cake so the rich ganache melts and why not just POUR more of the warm chocolate ganache over it to cover the whole cake until it looks like a puddle of chocolate soup?

To keep things cool - Vanilla Ice Cream with sprig of mint for garnish.

$12 for a Death by Chocolate Cake - YES PLEASE!

Recommend to chow down with minimum of 2 person who LOVES chocolate else 3 person is perfect. I know some person on the blogosphere does not really enjoy the cake that much, but this cake is best eaten when you have great friends on the table and have 3 hours to spend sitting down and talking/gossiping. The cake is essentially the best "snack"!

Next is the Salted Caramel with toasted Brioche & Vanilla Ice Cream.

I just love anything that have salted caramel! and i just happen to have craving for carbs as i have been sick for pass few days. Brioche also known as Rich buttery french bread just fits perfectly up on my alley.

This also serve warms and best to be chowing down quickly as the caramel harden by the ice cream as its difficult to break the toasted Brioche apart after that. But if you enjoy taking your time, maybe request the ice cream to be serve on the side and i can assure you the caramel will keep your Brioche warm for at least 1-2 hours.

Crispy Brioche with the sticky salted caramel in your mouth just feel like sinful party happening but you just cannot stop eating it as the texture is too addictive!

Priced at $12 and best to be eaten at least 2 person or 1 person with exceptional addiction to salted caramel!

Sometimes with this dessert - "Do not think just eat" would flash through your mind.

Last but not least - Truffles Fries $10 (image not taken :()

Well done double fried fries that is crispy and soft on the inside which is then coated with drizzle of truffle oil and little salt.

Portion is sufficient enough to feed 2-3 person with a side of thousand island and mayonnaise sauce.

That it what i have to say for overall conclusion on the truffle fries. Some how i felt that it lacking the salty note that i enjoy in most of my fries, i think its good to do more of the seasoning as compare to only just truffle oil.

Now as i typing this post there is salt and pepper shaker on the table which i think "serve" up as the "adjust the seasoning yourself" concept makes me wonder was it necessary? Because a well season dishes does not required the customer to self adjust seasoning to the food that they paid for.

I would still order from them as its not easy to make truffle fries at home and plus a girl need a little fries to go with dessert to balance out the sweetness - You know?

To wash everything down i order the normal ice lemon tea which is different from all ice lemon tea, 1. It is not sweet but they have simple syrup that comes along with it
2. They brew their tea -  not just ordinary tea leaf or tea bag. But TWG tea leaves (talk about atas)

I do appreciate that the tea is not that sweet as all the dessert eating got me so high up that i need to have some drinks to neutralize it. 

Overall i would say its a place to visit if you are a type of person that enjoy nature environment and away from the buzzingly city, but the location is very far off the main road and only suggest people that have their own transportation to visit this place.

If you are curious since its a place for horse do i smell the stench? i do smell it sometimes but overall that is what nature environment bring about. 

We took a cab down to this place and suppose to leave early 6pm but we linger on thinking that there might be cab. We were so wrong and there is no cab at all so we follow the "guided" road and nearly got ourselves lost because there is no street lamp at all!

Alternatively you can stay until their dinner served at 6pm.

I hope this post makes you hungry for more sinfully goodness.. and see you in my next journey :)

Address: 51 Fairways Dr, 286965

Phone: 6466 9819

Hours: 8:30 am – 9:00 pm

Atmosphere - 4.5/5 stars (exception of stench)

Price wise - average $20-$30 per pax

Location - 3.5/5 Please travel if you have your own transportation
can be found at the map here.

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  1. Oh love the pics. I miss Singapore! Will have to pay this place a visit when I go for a holiday! Make Me Up Mandy

    1. PM me when you are back in singapore! sure love to have lunch with you ^^


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