What i wore on CNY 2014?

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Its the time of the year where my relatives start to ask "Do you have boyfriend??"

Er.. lets just say i want to get more angbao for the next few years!!

Ok enough said. let me show you what i wore #ootd and #notd during the 1st day of Chinese New Year.

Starting with the Nails - I basically want to have galaxy nails! its a super challenging for me as i do not have any experience doing it. All i know is that i need to sponge the color on a black base polish and some glitter there and there, along with some STARS nail art (Pain in the A$$ to draw when you are doing it 1am -3am)

Initial it does not look like any sort of galaxy, but after looking it from afar and awhile later, i am super happy that it turn out well. Because the first person that compliment my nails is my mother. who later woke me up at less than 3 hours of sleep at 8am. (I slept at 5am and i am blaming it to the Hongkong shown that channel 8 that got me so excited that i have to force myself to sleep else i can't stay awake during the house visiting)

So what do you think about my nails?

Next is my outfit, if you notice its the similar outfit that i wore to compete in the Digital Fashion Week. I seriously do not have anytime to go out there to shop and the only day i can go and shop does not have the look that i want to achieve. Actually that outfit was bought solely for a friend wedding, but it did not make it in time that why it got to appear in the DFW instead and since my relatives have not seen me wore dress in AGES. Why not surprise time and i believe i look good in that too!

Why waste an outfit when it works perfectly well with the trend?

Oh the makeup is nothing special - Normal everyday look, neutral eye-shadow goes well with anything!

Lastly is my clutch - I WANT A HOLOGRAPHIC CLUTCH!!!

Rihanna carries a Stella McCartney Holographic Clutch in London. (5)

Something like this.

But everywhere i went all they have is these envelop type! 

No offence, i find it very not user-friendly. 
What i need to put in my causal bag is 1) Wallet 2) Handphone 3) Portable Charger 4) Ear Pieces! If the clutch and even put my touch-up makeup items - Its a plus for me. 

I am sure that Envelop clutch do not even have sufficient space for all the Lucky money won from the friendly gambling games.

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 So i got this red clutch with black chain is purely because of the chains. Representing my style and personalities, plus it has sufficient space to put all the important stuff that i need to carry along where ever i go. Ps. it had space to put my winnings in alright! Very important!

To end the post, I wish everyone a merry.. Happy prosperous horsey Chinese New Year! May the coming year be pleasant and fill with alots of laughter! Gong Xi Gong Xi! 

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