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Friday, February 21, 2014

I am so sorry for the lack of post because work schedule has been resume and also night class assignment is coming to an end soon so alot of editing need to do for my "homework".

Nonetheless i want to drop by here to quickly share what me and few other Singaporean Blogger had been up to!

So there is the korean people making a huge craze about how important angle is. If you have not watch the 2 million hits videos click play.

Crazy right??!! I agree that angle is always very important - i do not have much preference actually because any view looks so much better when camera is pointing downward straight up :)

BUT the story was we have a group chat in whatsapp and my girls were like telling me about this video and they plan to have a compilation of some of singapore beauty blogger and just show how "Importance of Angles" were.

Without hesitation, i immediately agree to join in the fun because you are not doing it alone but with a group of blogging friends! Which makes it less awkward to post this fun video up alone.

Here the video and thanks to Rachel from for compiling the video for us and hopefully our little fun can be notice worldwide!!

Here is a list of blogger who took part! Do check them out and applaud their participation!
1. Juliana -
2. Wendy -
3. ME!
4. Rachel -
5. Rusty -
6. WanWei -
7. Yuki -
8. Alicia -

And you know what day today is?? TGIF!! 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and stay safe!

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  1. hahahaha omg thats super cute!! miss you girls xxx


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