Bath and Body Works Singapore Haul & Price List (Feb 2014)

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Finally! Bath and Body Work has reached Singapore locating at Marina Bay Sand Shoppe B2. Just beside Sephora.

Well lets just say shopping in Singapore is not that bad after all!

So lets cut to the chase and let me show you what i saw at the Bath and Body Works Store :)

As their opening - They bring in mainly their signature scent and some other sweet fragrances. But i overheard one of the store sales person that they will be bringing in new scent each month gradually. 

All i know is that i am waiting for my Apple scented product - Mainly farm stand apple or any apple scent as it smell really good and i am sure its suitable for everyone, even for those who are sensitive to smell. 

Let me show you how the in-store look.

Shower gel, Body lotion and Body Mist corner

Bulks and Bulks of Bath and Body Works Candle in Marina Bay Sands Shoppe (MBS)

I love this side of the corner the most because all the scented candles are!!!

Scent-portables and oils and sprays

Aromatherapy corner - Good for people who loves to take a long shower

Very good idea for Valentine Gifts!


The famous Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizer! I believe anyone that know BNBW handsanitizers are impossible to ship and we also jealous how many scents they have as compare to watson or guardian house brand. Many of us have waited and dream of these rack for long long time! 


Now drumroll!!! Bath and Body Work SINGAPORE Price list ( 09/02/2014)

14.5oz Candles - $32
4oz Candles - $18
Mini Candles - $8
WallFlower Diffuser - $10
WallFlower Bulb - $10
Concentrated Room Spray - $5
Scentportable Clip - $5
Home Fragrance Oil Warmer - $25
Home Fragrance Oil - $9

Hand Soap - $9
7.6oz Hand Sanitizer - $9
PocketBac - $5

Current promotion for the Handsoap - 2 for $12

6.5oz Body Lotion - $22
2oz Body Lotion - $8
10oz Body Wash & Foam Bath - $22
6oz Body Wash & Foam Bath - $8
Sugar Scrub - $25
Luxury Bath - $28
Bath Soap - $30
Bath & Massage Oil - $25
Smoothing Body Scrub - $22
Body Cream - $25
Body Bar - $12
Body Mist - $25
Pillow Mist - $15
Hand Soap - $10
Body & Shine Shampoo - $18
Body & Shine Conditioner - $18

Current promotion - Travel size product (3 for $15)

Time for my HAUL!!!

Of course the first thing i need to grab is the Wall Flower Diffuser because mine existing one has a problem (Read on to know why)

Next is "My Favourite Night Balm" Lip Blam - which is recommended by itsjudytime on Youtube, I tried it and i say i love it!! Thick and has a common vanilla scent, similar like mac lipstick.

Last is a Concentrated Room Spray in Mahogany Teakwood - Its $9!! and its one of the popular scent picked up from the shelf AND Sophia - The Makeup Blogette (Which is not surprising to find her smelling candles at the shelves as she blog alot of the latest beauty products :) ) recommend me to get that scent because it smells like Ambercrombie. 3 words - Its so manly!

So reason why i need to get that diffuser is because of the growing collection of the wallflower bulb which i enjoy using it as suppose to lighting the candles. But i still buy candles because the bulb does not offer that scent. 

Ps. Please ignore the only Yankee Candle that i got it during the sale! I cant resist it and i need THAT scent!

Left - Singapore version of the diffuser (they do not have many fancy design at the moment)
Right - US version

Totally cannot be use immediately with the Singapore electric point 

This is the converter that i use and i hate it because it cost me more than the Singapore Version Diffuser! 

But now i have the SG plug version of the diffuser - I AM A HAPPY PERSON! Time to spam those scented bulb!

 I hope you enjoy my First Bath and body works Singapore Haul! I believe there is more to come :)

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  1. Hi, thanks for sharing! Did you see Forever Red range there?

    1. I didnt saw the forever red range during that visit but i do see some people purchase it this month. Do check it out every month as they bring in different scent~ ^^

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Any massage oil warmer & the massage black currant oil?

    1. i do not see any of it.. sorry to notice your message so late :/

  4. Do you know if the wallflower bulbs from the US can be used in the Wallflower diffusser from Singapore?

    1. hi there, the bulb from the US can be use in singapore's diffusser. i tried it immediately when i got the SG version diffusser

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.


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