[NEW] ZA Rich Glam Liquid Rouge - Review and Swatches

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

WOW being MIA for the past few days is seriously very lacking around here.

Anyway, i just started my interior design journey. All i can say i am looking forward to my class every monday and wednesday!! Yeah!

Update on the giveaway. I will post the consolation prize winner by this weekend so you all will probably receive it by next week :)

Today lets just begin with new collection that is going to be launch soon.

The ZA Rich Glam Liquid Rouge - Comes in 8 Shades that complement asian skintone.  They come in beautiful shades of pink from neutral to intense bright red pink.

Basically is the new craze for makeup line to invent a lip product that not only have the pigmentation of a lipstick with glossy effect and also the lasting power of a lipstain.

BUT DONT you just hate it when the lipstain is so hard to remove??!

WHY not we take a look how ZA going to change the market on the 30th of Jan 2014.

There is a trick in wearing the ZA new liquid rouge - the steps is very easy. All you need to do is the purse your lips together to activate the content in the liquid rouge so that the lipstick color content will settle down to your lips and the gloss content will be protecting the lipstick content. Giving not only the shine but also lock the lipstick color in place. 

1) You do not need to carry 2 different products.
2) There is no need to worry about the lip color from smudging.
3) Lip stain effect without worry if its too hard to remove.

I personally like PK 251 because its towards neutral pinkish tone which is very suitable for any occasion. Even for photoshoot :) (TO BE UPDATED)

Another unique point of this applicator that is deposit the correct amount of gloss on the applicator that you do not over gloss your lips. Which at the same time fits the curve of the lips ensuring that the application is smooth, easily apply and essentially NO MIRROR TOUCH UP needed!

Turn it on the side it became more precise to apply the areas that you want to accentuate, such as the cupids bow or the corner of the lips

Here are 3 style that might be your look.


 You can go for either orange based or nude pink tone for the natural sweet look that is very popular with the korean trend look. 

Simple, Natural Style

Go for salmon pink, baby pink or rosey pink shade give you the the Au Natural effect without too much. start with salmon pink and work your way to either sweet baby pink look or stylish rosey pink look :) 

All Eyes On You

 If you are the type that like to attract attention to your lookers. Try the brightest color that they have. Work from Rose Gold to keep things more classy. Or bright pink to show that you are ready to party. Or my favorite -  the classic red with silver glitter that is very big on trend and definitely a crowd magnet! 

Thank you ZA for the 2 Rich Glam Liquid Rouge!

Left: Rich Glam Liquid Rouge RD391 (Rose Gold shade)
Right: Rich Glam Liquid Rouge PK351 (Baby Pink Shade)


  • I think is a great product over all for beginner to try out brighter shade without too over bearing. And the concept of locking in the color with the gloss and giving the glossy effect cuts short the amount of product carrying around for touch ups.
  • The moisturizing effect is in the OK range perhaps 3.5/5 stars. BUT BUT i have sensitive lips that do not enjoy majority of the gloss that much and they tend to peel my lips, ZA Rich Glam Liquid Rouge i experience slight peeling but not as serious as the brands that i have tried such as MAC.
  • The colors selection range are beautiful with different shade of neutral pink to reddish pink to give Asian ladies a choice to look either sweet and innocent or to portray stronger & confident women with a touch of femininity.
  • Definitely a great choice for people who are just learning how to be presentable when going out or even makeup on a budget. SDG$18.90 for dual purpose product is very worth the money in my honest opinion. :) [Will be in stores on 30th January 2014]
  • Maybe what ZA can come out with in the future is come out with other shade of color because i am more toward skintone nude shade or "My lips but better" shades of color. Or coral, lavender,  darker shades for fall season? There are many colors to play with such as the Pantone Color of the Year is Radiant Orchid. You never know it might be a big hit?
Hope you enjoy this post and have a wonderful day.

Ps. I have been going to classes for interior design. And boy i enjoy alot of it, today is the review of the sketches and hopefully my teacher can approve my drawing. See you mojoes real soon!!

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  1. I did use ZA a lot when I was living in Singapore! What a pretty shade for a gloss - love it!


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