NARS Event with The Makeup Blogette

Sunday, December 29, 2013

I had to post this up before 2013 ends! (actually i have alot of back log that are suppose to be posted way back but windows is not cut out for photo editing!!)

*Chants* MACBOOK PRO 15" Retina Display.. *Ommmm*

Anyway, Sophia aka The Makeup Blogette posted on the instagram that she and NARS were having a Christmas Party who is the Host for the event!- all you need to be there is to shop and talk and buy makeup.

I was there to just look around and catch up with some of other beauty blogger friends that were there during the event and to also support Sophia :)

My bestie rush down from her work and her aim was to get the Yo-yo brush and some blusher for her gig. You have to check her out as she post beautiful makeup look on her instagram - @junry_l

Sophia giving out speech! Well done babe!

Can see both of us are hype about the event!!

Clearly you can see who is the happiest person :)

Jerlaine all dress up for this event!!

Funky around hehe ^^

Who doesnt wish to have this table top at home?? 

Me, Sophia, Junry, Jerlaine, Kim, Mabel

Magnificent peacock inspired dress that tangs display out to WOW the passerby. I have to take this for memory sake! So pretty 

Again ourself being goofy!

Thank you Sophia for hosting the wonderful event! Hopefully more to come soon!

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