MUST HAVE of Missjology's 2013

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hello everyone,

Its the time of the year to announce the so called MUST HAVE product in my list.


  • The Body Shop Chamomile cleansing balm
Check out this post, to know more why i prefer cleansing balm as my choice for cleansing off makeup. But i particularly love this product is that its readily available at all outlet of TBS, its affordable, easy to use and does that it claim to do - Clean off each bits of the makeup on your face.

  • Paula's Choice - Skin perfection 2% BHA Liquid
Paula's choice BHA/AHA skin perfection product are basically product that is like chemical peel but gentle for consumer to use it at home. So on days that i tend to start breaking out (like little pimple/bumps) - i apply it at night like a toner and leave it as it is. The next day i have soft smooth skin. You can get it at Paula's Choice Singapore or join spree to enjoy the good exchange rate it has. There are different percentage level of acid so what i recommend is go with 2% first and work your way up so you know your skin tolerant level to acid/chemical peel. Google for more info ^^

  • Vichy Normaderm Hyaluspot & Tri-Active Moisturizer
If you remember back in the days where Garnier has a squeeze tube treatment for blemish. It work really well for me just that i during back in the days i just never notice it or never thought about blogging it until mine ran out. Sadly, it was discontinued! Earlier this year, I was suffering stress pimple and i was in the desperate moment getting my skin condition back to where it was. Paula's Choice was not strong enough then; BUT! thankfully Vichy had release this new product and i immediately got it to try. TOTALLY the SAME like the Garnier and i am so happy about it. 

HOWEVER, I LOVE VICHY product that you have to also check out their Tri-Active moisturiser. I gone through bottles and bottles of it that i never fail to use it daily!


For makeup must have it is really a tough choice because i basically list the one that i use most often if given a FULL day makeup. If you are curious i have about more than 15 items listed. But i have listed out the die die must have that its would be a re-purchase item again and again and again! 

Sadly is discontinued from the brand but i just have to announce it because it so good and light-weighted! Hopefully they bring it back soon!

  • Rachel K CC cream
Hence the alternative to the Catrice Tinted moisturizer - I am OVER with BB cream and OBESSESS with CC cream aka color correcting cream/balm. Tentatively its said to be better than BB cream. I am down with my second bottle and each time i use it never fails to surprise me with the color correcting ability and also the sufficient coverage it gives. Plus, it has SPF and dry to semi matte; ideal for no-makeup makeup look.

  • Armani Master Corrector Concealer
The intense orange concealer helps me covers the darkest dark eye circle that i have. You only need a tiny amount of it to work it otherwise people might think that you have too much orange under your eye. i usually put this before i put my foundation so that it blend well with the rest of the foundation. MUST have if you have seriously dark under eye problem.

I never believe that it work - BUT IT DOES! great for photoshoot or days that you will be out the whole day, great lasting power for at least 12 hours. The one that i have is the original version, there are bridal version etc. so choose the one that you need and suit you the most. So far the best review is from the Original version. Urban Decay has one similar to it call the De-slick? Here. But both brand are essentially the same just that the packaging is different and target different type of clientele. However, as a makeup junkie and you hate to do touch up; this is the one for you! Just remember to shake it really hard so that the product is mix properly in the bottle to fully utilized their capabilities.

  • Sleek Blusher - Any shade
Why would i suggest any shade? Because not all are suitable for all skin tone. Yes i agree that they make the best pigmented blusher at an affordable price but why get all when you probably use only 1 or 2 shade of it. What i meant was you can actually save a lot by choosing the shade or color that you think complement well to you. Be it personality, characteristic or shade that you want to be safe with. The product could last you for very long time as you only need a small swipe from your brush to your cheeks and voila. The perfect flush every time. 

They are super affordable for people who are just starting off makeup and the one that i highly recommend are their neutral shade but with a pink eye shadow. This is what i call a travel-no-brainer palette, because it has all the shade that you need to create either a neutral look or bump up to smokey look. The pink shadow can act as a blusher or if you are adventurous can work it as a color blocking shade for your look. Catrice is readily available in Singapore are selected Guardian outlet. Always check out their counter as their product is always sold out easily due to low price but good quality.

  • Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner
Eyeliner i cannot live without liquid version. I love how dark Dollywink liquid eyeliner gives, easy to apply (IMO), affordable, comes in brown color, does not smudge easily but easy to remove. I cannot stress enough how easy to apply. I am BIAS toward liquid liner because i like the crisp sharp effect it gives that none pencil/gel liner able to achieve. I know its hard to wear liquid for beginner but i firmly believe practice makes perfect, soon you will find yourself working sexy cat eye look.

They are stain/lipstick/gloss in one! Animal cruelty free! Come in many shade and they are so pigmented, i cannot say enough of them. Check out my post that i use for the look on digital fashion week!

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  1. Thanks for blogging this post man! :D Looks like a set of amazing recommendations! You really got me interested in the Paula's Choice. (y)

    I'm quite surprised to know that the Colour Crush works! Never had faith in Body Shop cosmetics line. :P But yea, if you recommend it, I'd try it next time! :D The colours seem really nice tho! <3

    Happy New Year babe!

    1. thank you babe for the beautiful comment. Do check out TBS colour crush lipstick its AMAZING.. Might doing a giveaway on their product soon.. So check out :)

  2. Nice picks! I have heard so much about Paula's Choice, especially how great the BHA products are for black heads (big yucky problem for me). I didn't know there's a Paula's Choice in Singapore so thanks for the heads up! I'll be visiting for sure when I visit Singapore next. Also, I am really in love with Sleek blushes x


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