LOTD - Inspired look from CL 2NE1 feat. Star Lash TL004

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hello my mojoes!

This is an inspired look from 2NE1 - CL/chaelin. Whom i have a huge lesbian crush on!

By no means i trying to look like her (which i am 100% not like her) but i enjoy her style and her boldness vibe her brings into her team. She isnt the bad girl that we always look her at the stage/ during performance.

In fact she is very quiet and cute, if you watch the episode of running man 2NE1 version.

The post is not very tutorial post, as i was just trying out and in the end found myself snapping away and channel the alter ego that is inside of me.

She has deep single eye lids and hence she love drawing thick eyeliner to make her eye look wider and bigger.

The trend she is sporting is like covering half of her face with her hair.. very vogue don't you think?

Me trying to channel the "Look at me" look.. 

The lashes that i am using is from Starlash No. 4, its quite short and natural. Too natural that if worn properly its un-noticeable

 (Click for full resolution)

Even from the side and the eye half close - you cant see the lashes that much. 

But i do love how the false lashes able to slightly enhance the outer corner of the eye. To give length to the whole look

Recently i loving black and white photography. It more challenging to work it but at the same time compensate some of the flaw that color photo might have. 

Ps! Its mid-week already!! Hang on!!

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