Last Haul of 2013 + Update on what i am up to & the giveaway

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Its best that now i have been away for a few day, that i should do a declaration haul plus am drafting the BEST of Missjology's 2013 award - both skincare and makeup wise also NEW YEAR RESOLUTION post for 2014.

So sephora sent me an email saying that i have 10% voucher that is expiring by the end of 2013

What i wonderful way to show some love to Sephora.

I got the Caudalie Beauty Exlixir that is highly recommend by Lisa eldridge and Kimberley say its good for soothing out the mind after a tired day

This beauty set was on an offer for $28 - I never try out any lip product from Fresh Sugar partly because it slightly expensive for a lip balm. But, Charlene convince me to give it a try on their sugar scrub and my favorite YouTube guru nikkiphillippi love their lip balm. So its basically a no brain-er to get this as a reward for my hardwork after a photo shoot. 

These 2 item was not suppose to be on my list but they appear on the checkout queue (Don't you just hate that?? picking up stuff from the checkout queue) But i saw that sophia mention that she enjoy using it and i do need some volume in my fine limp oily hair, hence i got the dry shampoo & the volumising shampoo both as a travel size to try it out. Hopefully turn out alright :)

Like i mention earlier that i had a photoshoot/gig (what ever you want to call) for my friend, i seriously kudos to all makeup artist professional because 

1) You need to wake up on time to get everything started
2) Outdoor shoot you need to be prepare the worst case scenario
3) Need to know the client physical features (face feature to accentuate the look or hair style that is long lasting and to enhance the whole outfit)
4) Work with the photographer to achieve the desire look
5) Essentially be a makeup artist, hair stylist, joker artist (to make the model laugh), assistant director in term of helping the photographer to guide the model to pose, person who help to clean up the mess after a shoot. 

Here are some of the behind the scene shots - taken by my iphone 4.

And these are some group shot from the photographer pro camera!

Its a bummer that the photographer actually think it would be good to have a secondary photographer to take the back scene and also different point of view from a second person. So i should have busted out my DSLR earlier that day instead of just taking Saveur food shot that we have for lunch later on.

Food review is coming up soon!


If you have not know? There are giveaway from 3 of my beauty blogger friend!

Basically thank you to our reader that have been supporting us these far.

Do join as TODAY is the last day for the giveaway..

Round 1
13/12/2013 - Day 1 - Joanna ( If you have not known that is me)
14/12/2013 - Day 2 - Rusty
15/12/2013 - Day 3 - Kimberley
16/12/2013 - Day 4 - Michelle

Round 2
17/12/2013 - Day 5 - Joanna
18/12/2013 - Day 6 - Rusty
19/12/2013 - Day 7 - Kimberley
20/12/2013 - Day 8 - Michelle

Round 3
21/12/2013 - Day 9 - Joanna
22/12/2013 - Day 10 - Rusty
23/12/2013 - Day 11 - Kimberley
24/12/2013 - Day 12 - Michelle

Its sad to know it coming to an end hence we ARE PLANNING on a meetup over the weekend to pass the gifts to the winner as well as take memories photo for 2014 to kick start the new beginning.

Still in planning mode so do keep a look out at this space :)

Have a nice day and be safe ^^

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  1. Haha! This is quite funny! I totally understand what you mean by "joker artist". Always have to tell models jokes so that the cameraman can snap some really natural photos of her smiling. :D

    Thanks for this post babe! :) I just started reading your blog today, and I really love how much colours you have on this page. :) And somehow your blog doesn't have the PR tone to it, which I adore. :)


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