Belated post on The Body Shop Holiday Event 2013

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Its better to be late than never - Posting it up before the 2013 ends!! sorry for the Back log spam but i totally forgot these picture during the event and i wish to get them up so that the picture does not goes to waste

So we were invited to The Body Shop Holiday Event along with Kimberley and Rusty.

The Body Shop introduce the concept of givejoy - Where gifts that you purchase during the holiday season. Some of the proceeds will go to helping children that are from the third world to go to school. TBS believe that the greatest gift to give is basically helping the children to get educated so that they are able to help contribute back to their society as much as they could. 

Here are some of the photos during the event :)

Been very into B&W photography.. think it has some sexiness to it.. 

Trust me i didnt knw my DSLR can take that kind of picture - I LOVE WITH THIS IMAGE!!

Both of us love the lighting that we cant stop smiling!

Nice to catch up some of the beautiful ladies!

Have a nice day and be safe!! See you soon in 2014!

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