2013 Season of Giving - Day 5

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sorry for the late giveaway post! Busy running errand that i didn't even have the time to post.


Wow! We are almost half way through to the season of giving for 12 days.

If you are new to my blog you might want to check out the post on Day 1.

But just a brief through - i am collaborating with my 3 beauty blogger cum friend in the beauty community to spread the spirit of sharing and giving.

Each of us will be posting daily giveaway for the consecutive 12 days until 25th of December and the closing for the giveaway ends on 30th December 2013, 2359 at GMT + 8.

Winner will be announce on the New year eve or on the New year day itself - depending how well the response is.

Links will be updated daily, so do book mark this page!

Miss Rusty (http://missrusty.net/) 
Kimberley (www.rainyydays.com) & 
Michelle Ng Makeup | Icefrost Beauty Diary (http://icefrostdiary.com/)

Round 1
13/12/2013 - Day 1 - Joanna ( If you have not known that is me)
14/12/2013 - Day 2 - Rusty
15/12/2013 - Day 3 - Kimberley
16/12/2013 - Day 4 - Michelle

Round 2
17/12/2013 - Day 5 - Joanna
18/12/2013 - Day 6 - Rusty
19/12/2013 - Day 7 - Kimberley
20/12/2013 - Day 8 - Michelle

Round 3
21/12/2013 - Day 9 - Joanna
22/12/2013 - Day 10 - Rusty
23/12/2013 - Day 11 - Kimberley
24/12/2013 - Day 12 - Michelle

Unfortunately the giveaway will only be open for local staying in Singapore. But i am sure that one day we will be able to do internationally. :)

Without any delay - Today is my turn to do the day 5 of the season of giving.

L'oreal Intense Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner
Watson Collagen Moisturising Night cream
Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizer in NOEL
Etude House Nail polish - Blue Glitter
2 Garnier Sakura White Radiance Mask
E.L.F Stippling Brush
Maybelline Baby Lips - Pink Blast
2 Maybelline Hypercosmos eyeshadow Duo - LV-1 & WN-1
Maybelline Stiletto Lengthening Mascara

**not in the picture
E.L.F blush peachy keen
E.L.F Studio eyeshadow - Coffee Bean

& many more to be added on later!!

Just because now there is sale everywhere and i cannot resist not adding up to the giveaway.

So please do check the post every now and then to know what you are winning :)

The challenge for today giveaway!

Please do comment and answer the following question:

What do you wish to see me blog more about? (10 points worth)

This is highly important because i want to know, what do you want to know more about? Me? Or just purely beauty product?

Comments will be moderated to ensure that your comment is worth gaining that 10 points. So do not be naughty!!

Please re-sign / signup to the widget down below. This is to give a fair chance to everyone that has been following throughout the giveaway period and those who want to win a particular prizes for that giveaway.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The more you participate to gain the points the higher chance your name/email will appear in the balloting for the run to be the WINNER for the giveaway.

Good luck and stay safe ^^

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. hi eleen, i saw your comment before you removed it. Why remove? haha

      Yeap i think i shall continue what i suppose to be. Because i was slightly lost some point as i love food as well haha! so make my blog more confusion..

      I do agree that i should stick to my beauty related post more as this is why i started it from the beginning. I value your comment

      thanks Love

      I still credit it to 10 point even though u remove the comment :)

      Happy holidays!

  2. I love food so hoping you to blog about food then i can know more makan places where i can go with my friends and family!!

    1. Hehe i know right? its easy to find makan places all over other popular food blogger but i finding places where is affordable and my friends can enjoy at the same time is tough! Dont worry i got it cover for you alright :) follow #sgbitetoeat at instagram or hashtag to me so i can see as well. Thank you for the comment babe! i wish you all the luck to win the giveaway!

  3. I think more food reviews and fashion/beauty hauls would be nice... after all, good things are meant to be shared! :D


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