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Thursday, November 07, 2013

What did you have in the morning?

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For the past few days my dad have been raving how nice the Lor mee (Thicken herbal black broth with yellow noodle) at Ang mo kio was. So today it happen that the worksite is free and purposely drove to that area just to get a bite at the famous lor mee, that sells faster than the fried fish that is frying in the oil.

Image taken by my iphone 4 - sorry for the quality and this is the best i can take on the go :)

Commonly found condiments are clearly, garlic which is freshly chop that leaves a slight sweet scent (not stinky scent if you get those pre-chopped).

Braised pork meat is very succulent and retains the braised sauce taste which is hard to achieve when you already have such a thick broth to go with the noodles.

Cilantro (chinese parsley) for added freshness and optional choice to add vinegar to cut through the thick herbal broth and sometime added balachan/chili for that much needed spicy-ness that we Singaporean loves!

The yellow noodle is cook to perfection - for this i would not recommend the Italian texture (Al dente) for this kind of dishes. I much prefer to fully cooked so that it can grab up the thick broth really well. 

The broth is really nice and i can taste the herbal ingredient and its not too intense that might turn off some non-herbal lover. Consistency is beautiful with swirls of beaten egg added in to intensify the richness of the broth & helps in the thickening process. ( Avoid the broth getting too soupy - Do not "Play" your food, just lift the noodle and eat it straight up.)

Braised hard boiled egg is well done and the braised sauce penetrate the boiled egg white which need to be done for at least 12 hours to achieve it,

Now for the main condiment - The freshly egg battered fried fish! only egg battered is able to achieve the thick coating and i love how the stall owner use fresh fish to dip into the egg battered and fried on the spot. Because one of the down side of the egg battered is that the crispy-ness does not last long for more than 1-2 hours, hence the need to fried the fish immediately and serve piping hot! Plus fresh fish is always a score in my book as they retain the natural sweetness that the fish already hate as compared to frozen fish that we get in the frozen section.

It is really that worth getting there early to have this bowl of goodness, because customer just keep coming in and there is no stopping them to own the morning crowd. I love thick rich broth for this kind of dishes. BUT - i would recommend getting the vinegar or the crispy fried fish on the side instead of all mixed up together like what i have; because my crispy fish took up too much of the vinegar that it does not able to soak up the broth.


 Blk 338, Ang mo kio ave 1, Coffee shop - Choices.
Here is the map to the location [ here ]

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