Semi Nailpolish Collection and Nailpolish Rack from DYON

Sunday, October 13, 2013

hello everyone,

what a awkward title.. haha if you have better one suggest to me!

if you ever know that if you embark the journey of beauty, nail polish is one of the must have accessory for ladies. You can have all the reason to paint your nails with multi-color and no one can judge you.

Plus if you ever made any mistake, glitter polishes always make it look more "Atas" / Classy.

But my nail polish is getting out of hand, from plain nude to glitter to chrome to bright neon to magnetic to sandy texture to even matte finish. The list just goes on!

What the trend is, i would usually own at least one of them. Regardless if i can get it at the cheaper alternative or maybe exclusive to certain brand i will just get it. Close eye do not think "situation"

Sometimes, i have similar shade of color but it always give me assurance that i have a back up of that color eventhough it different brand. #girlproblem

Plus, no harm saying that "i sometimes share my polish with the 2 ladies in my house - Mother & Grandma"


So my beautiful mother decided that why not just get a nailpolish rack that i can just display what i have clearly so i can remind myself that i have those shade - you know that cant just stop me from getting what i want. But since she want to "sponsor" i cannot say no right? haha

The rack she got was from DYON at scape basement there, think it cost $60? 
This was the largest one, there was another smaller in size around $40+?

And yes i drill holes on my wall to hang the rack but i am going to revamp my room next year.. 
so i guess its a temporary solution and it not going to be permanent 

There is no reason why i put those shade here or there, i just putting it where i like and where i think the color looks good together :)

 If you can see i have slight obsession with those that have glitter/shimmer in it.

but if you think that is all i have? think again.

these are "some" of them that did not quite made it to the shelf, reason being i rarely use those shades and kinda run out of space on the shelf haha! 

thinking if i should get another rack for them? or just display the commonly use one?

what do you think??

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