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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hello ladies,

Recently Origins invite some of the beauty blogger for their new launch event.

What better way to start a Saturday morning with a bowl of Hearty Salad?

Speaking of food, Food for thought moment please... (very lame i know.. =P)

Do you know the difference between dry and dehydrated skin? 

Dry skin
  • Dry skin is basically a skin condition - same like oily / combination skin.
  • Dry skin is basically lack of oil in the skin
  • People that faces this situation would usually enjoy using a richer cream that contain "oils" to keep their skin supple
  • Happen to aged people and those who are living in a cold climate or even people who always in the air-conditioned room in work or even at home

Dehydrated skin
  • Dehydrated skin is basically lack of moisture. (Which is different from lack of skin oil)
  • Somewhat the skin is unable to lock in the moisture from the skin care products
  • Dehydrated skin can happen to any skin condition, you might be oily skin condition but your skin does not produce the necessary/correct enzyme to hold on to the moisture.

So are you clearer now? :)

What Origins Make a Difference Plus+ Skincare system does is that the research lab has identify the critical enzyme - Caspase 14, Filaggrin and Urea.

  1. Caspase 14, An enzyme which helps skin produce and maintain critical moisture level
  2. Filaggrin, a biological protein
  3. Urea, an organic compound

Together it creates Natural Moisture Level (NML) - Molecules that produce moisture and help skin create and retain a natural reservoir of hydration.

Corrects - Repairs - Prevent

  • Corrects the skin by balancing and providing the correct needs for your skin.
  • Repairs from within
  • Prevent the lost of moisture.

The rejuvenating system works in 3 simple stages.

  1. Rejuvenating Treatment Lotion - Penetrates on contact, prepares skin for the hydrating treatment to optimize absorption and provide superior moisturization.
  2. Rejuvenating Serum - Absord into the skin, delivering deep moisturization. Oil-free hydration and helps restore strength to skin's moisture barrier while creating an internal reservoir hydration
  3. Rejuvenating Treatment - Oil Free moisturizer that deeply penetrates to help improve the natural moisture deficiency in damaged thirsty skin. 
So what are the crucial ingredient that you might be curious?

  • Rose of Jericho - A resurrection plant that is known for its hygroscopic properties (Hygroscopy is the ability of a substance to attract and hold water molecules from the surrounding environment.) scthat offers skin long-lasting ability to hold onto moisture. It helps correct existing dryness and damage.

These are the dried version + the one that was soak with water that seems to be reviving

Few days later this will be the result :) Amazing how plants like this able to protect itself from harsh condition and survive when it "felt" safe. 

  • Lychee and Watermelon Extract - Boost moisture in skin
  • Rhodocrosite - Red gemstone that boost urea ( Important component of NML)
  • Padina Pavonica - Brown algae that has the ability to seal in the moisture and prevent skin from dryness
  • Bergamot, Lemon, Orange, Spearmint, Rose & Vetiver - Light, refreshing scent. ( I love the scent combination, it feels like you are in a spa facial, very soothing and relaxing) 

There are 3 products in these range namely
  • (NEW) Make A Difference Plus + Serum
  • (NEW) Make A Difference Plus + Treatment Lotion
  • Make A Difference Plus + Rejuvenating Treatment Gel
The Serum and Treatment lotion are newly launch this month. Their rejuvenating treatment gel has been one of their best selling product in asia because its lightweight and leaves a nice refreshing scent to it. 

Suggested method is [After Cleansing - Treatment Lotion - Serum - Rejuvenating Treatment Gel] to achieve optimal Natural Moisture Level (NML) through Corrects - Repairs - Prevent. 

Now ladies & gentleman, if you are interested in trying out the new Origin MAD products you can do so by clicking the link here. Origins Make a Difference Plus+ Serum Sample 

And an email will appear in your inbox for you to collect it by the end of 31 Oct :)

Hurrah for sampling!

However, if you intend to purchase the hydration system collection they will be available at all Origins Counter in Singapore.

  • (NEW) Make A Difference Plus + Serum, $82 for 30ml
  • (NEW) Make A Difference Plus + Treatment Lotion, $48 for 150 ml
  • Make A Difference Plus + Rejuvenating Treatment Gel, $78 for 50ml

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