Digital Fashion Week x The Body Shop Make-up Competition

Friday, October 25, 2013

Who does not love fashion?


The 1st time Fashion is going to partner with major social media networks ( YouTube, Google+ and Twitter) to bring the latest fashion to consumers in real time.

#DigitalFashionWeek will be presenting two seasons annually (Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter) in different cities, raising the profile of each city’s home-grown designers via its digital platform.

Plus, Singapore's The Body Shop is the Official Make-up Sponsor of Digital Fashion Week 2013!

Follow them to know more information about their whereabouts :)

#DigitalFashionWeek Singapore 2013 will be held from 1st to 4th November 2013.

Commemorate for these occasion, The Body Shop invited some blogger to have a little makeup competition and i was interested to participate.

So the theme was - British Exchange. (With hint of Singapore style)

What is the biggest news in United Kingdom?

The Royal Family - But i did notice that Royal Blue has been a great hit for this season. Of course i would choose TBS COLOUR CRUSH™ EYESHADOWS - BLUE OVER YOU as my crease color
and with the subtle innocent look i would be complementing TBS COLOUR CRUSH™ EYESHADOWS - SUGAR GAZE.

Blue over you & Sugar gaze

 To complement the eye shadow looks i chosen a few shades from TBS COLOUR CRUSH™ LIP COLOR - CORAL CUTIE & DAMSON IN DISTRESS

Coral cutie

Damson in Distress

The color are super pigmented and glide on easily, i immediately fall in love with the Damson in Distress because the color is very Fall trend and it leave a very nice stain at the end of the day

Swatches from top to bottom - Blue over you, Sugar gaze, Coral Cutie, Damson in Distress

So the look i created become like...

Cut-crease Blue eyeshadow look - I like to keep it simple so that my lip color can be the center of attention :)

Coral cuite - Great for ladies who want to still rock on the summer feel (Singapore is 365/12/7 summer in case you did not notice it)

Damson in Distress - Ladies, if you want to rock on the fall look or try on bolder look at a night event. Try this on to give a very mysterious look. 

Or you can play safe on the neutral side or ox blood red to give you another dimension that you want to showcase your personality for that night. Be it safe/sweet/mysterious/seductive. Lip color can create a whole lots of new character in 1 person. :)

And color best represent Singapore Digital Fashion Week?

Black/Red/White - Perfect color because our Singapore flag is Red and White :)

This time i will be wearing a outfit that has a panel design to *ahem* make it as if i lose ton(s) of weight and the the Aztech prints are very hot these season.

At the same time i love wearing my lace jacket that has a bit of a rocker feel and a bit of femininity (We need that!)

My shoes are heeled boots - I love wearing those heeled boots i think it suitable for any occasion and ladies who are not good in wearing heels can start off wearing shorter boots to practice. (Some how it feels much more secure). But i was trained for a very long time and can wear these babies for many hours. Practice makes perfect i guess.

With the color of red i decided to pair with ox blood tone lipstick to represent fall season.

i know cool right!

But if given i choice i would definetly choose the Damson in Distress! Let not be calculative with what color i need to represent - Life is too boring if we just stick to one color.

Mysterious is my middle name.

Lastly, my accessories i keep it simple - Chunky bling armcandy are always great for catching attention from afar, and my clutch handbag to put my makeup for touch up for the night or a simple classic cut sunglasses to avoid major flashes from the photographer. Just because you are too hot!

Ok i have something to confess - i may have gone too far putting so much effort in this post my friend help me took 100+ photos just to get a few okays one. Plus she is not a professional photgrapher, so thank you my dearest SJ! 

I hope this post interest you getting/finding your inner fashionista. Go big or go home that what my fashion mentor told me when i have her lesson. Sometimes you need to go all out there to get people attention. So do i have you attention?

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