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Monday, October 07, 2013

I going to start on this roll of post because i find that it would be cool to share with my friends and family who are interested what food i had. Personally i am not very picky about my food, i eat almost everything except beef (Religion situation). BUT if i had to be very picky with food that i am paying for crazy price, i would be a very grumpy person.

Beside i notice my post have been all about the beauty invites/event/product that i have to re-direct my passion/focus somehow to more my style. (Getting there somehow)

So i will #sgbitetoeat at instagram to basically show what i found interesting around the corner.

Today, i am going to recommend this pastry chef that my friend recommend me to try.

Mini One (Not minion) is owned by this Japanese pastry chef that i able to communicate a bit during his work time, that his concept is to create dainty bit size treats that delicious and cute to eat. Only target females audience but apparently even the males tend to get addicted to this kind of snacks.

There classic treats are MINI Croissants and MINI cheese cake. They are actually affordable and you order it by weight. Quite japanese method of selling their product via weight.

Their croissant plain or chocolate is crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, with the buttered layers in each folds. Not to mention the after taste is light and you will not find it very "jerlat". I am addicted to the chocolate flavor, you might sometime find chocolate nugget inside that didnt manage to melt all the way or have solidify, JACKPOT!!

Next, its their cheese cake. Who does not love cheese cake? they are small and pack full of flavour. It not your ordinary fluffy soft cheese cake but this is bake-dense with intense cheesy taste.

I have no further comment on that oval looking shape cheese cake - Out of this world that you got to try to fall in love with it.

Takashimaya Basement Food Area B2
Open daily
Previously selling beard papa cream puff

I once had a friend that say food that gives you *ahem orgasm-butterfly feeling is a GREAT food!
This is not only great food but also gives you the taste of first love! You cant go wrong with japanese pastry food right?? :)

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