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Monday, September 23, 2013

My virgin semi facial experience.

Why i say it was semi-facial experience is because that i only going to review only about facial conturing at my "always" so sexy thick double chinny area. Which i not complaining but always find it as a problem on my side view when they took candid shots or what i look totally different.

My experience was an invitation by Cozycot and Prive which i am totally grateful for the invites as it gave me confident that never had. Initially when they told me is about body contouring i was like - Wo-Okay moment but when i got to there and the nice lady told me it facial contouring i am much more relieve. Especially since i NEVER done facial before let alone contouring stuff.

Hence, my best friend debbie who is able to take half day leave to accompany me for the facial and also taking pictures for me - Thanks girl! Plus i think she is curious what is it all about too!

Not to brag about their service; it is really good, they serve water and ask you to fill in the particular form.

The place is very peaceful and very pose looking, they go down to detail about their interior design to make it feel like as if you are going to have a enjoying experience in their clinic

I took my time to fill in and also take photos, they were very patient and when they see my details they consult me and then recommend me what they suggest to get instant result.

What they ask me to do was the facial double chin contouring. In lay man term - double chin firming facial.

I was super excited and do not know what to expect from it, i have very low tolerance in pain and people touching my face. But the beautician comfort me and told me to take my time to be well prepared and told me the steps that she is going to do on me, this gave me a clearer picture in mind what i going to experience later on.

Here i am trying to make funny scary face but i think FAILED!

 My self attempt to look decent before revealing my virgin experience to Privé Clinic

After changing to the ever so sexy robe - she put a strip on my back to somewhat discharge any excessive electronic that might occur, there is nothing to worry about it painless and basically you forgot what is at your back after laying down.

To be very honest, it is very ticklish!! Neck tend to be the sensitive area and of course sent the signal to my hand and i literally jumped~! haha

The ultimate fat/conturing machine!haha!

Putting a layer of cooling gel to help move the wand around and at the same time act as a barrier from direct heat

Other than that, the heating wand that they use for contouring is able to heat up to 41 degrees which is the optimal heat to burn the chin fats and she would test it would how much of a warm i can tolerate. Most of the time the highest i can go is 38-39 degree but there was once she move very fast with her wand to disperse the heating sensation that it manage to reach 41 degrees for at least estimated 25 seconds.

she manage to do half of my face and i was shock! i can have sharper chin!!! no weird extension of the neck to take selfie!

During: can see my right side of the face is sharper than on the left!

Excuse me about the picture portray layout abit not consistent, this camera before to debbie so i trying to find the comfortable holding position to stable the camera and also not to let it drop her baby!

The side by side comparison for better reference

I am very happy to say that i have no comment (in a good way) what i have experience and i believe picture speak a thousand words plus i have no advantage to deceive my readers!

** ps do note that the neck chin area tend to be sore abit but in a good way, no brusies what so ever but you know that stubborn fats are being melt away!!

If you are curious how long does one need to maintain? the beautician recommend to come back at least 4 times to really firm up the skin. But for me i has been 1 week and i still able to enjoy the sharp chin moment and alot of my mummy's client say i lose weight because my chin is more visible! Well that says it :)

Lucky for my reader all you need is to sign up as a cozycot members or if you already have take this advantage promotion offer to experience what i have at the Privé Clinic - Exilis ShapeUp treatment, do give them a call and quote "CC25"

Prive Clinic address: 390 Orchard Road #03-03, Palais Renaissance 

You may read more about Exilis here: 

Thank you cozycot and Privé Clinic for the wonderful experience!

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