[Reviewed] Etude House Real Art Cleansing Balm

Monday, September 02, 2013

If you know that i am obsesses about washing my face at the moment - Read here..

And i am doing a review on the Etude House cleansing balm that you can get it at any etude house outlet.

but this my friend is my new found favorite - period! (Because i cave in and bought Emma Hardie cleansing balm which is very expensive but heard great reviews.)

I was in a search of a great pre-cleanse product aka makeup remover, my so call HG Bioderma i still love it but i have come to a point realizing that my skin became more and more "in-balance" like some days it is oily some days it is dry. So its very hard to keep up the inconsistent "temper" skin condition.

so i Google and search that etude house have a cleansing balm - totally forgot how much it cost but since its in an affordable range, why not just give it a shot and see how my skin react. I got nothing to lose unless i try :)

I like how considerate the packaging - It give a scoop! thumb up!!

i do not know what is a pea size is. But i presume as long as it covers your face - Good to go!

Melt very easily, i was surprise 

Am applying half of my face

i do notice a light lemony scent which is very refreshing - Me likey!

getting at my under eye area - does not sting at all

here i use a little water to emulsify a bit 

me smiling because i think it actually work

using a soft texture towel to clean off the milky residue

not forgetting to be very gentle with the eye

yike!! see! it manage to clean it off

left is with makeup on, right is cleanse of face

can clearly see that the face on the right fill more lifted because of the massage during the cleansing process

i love how squeaky clean it makes my skin feels

Highly recommend this product if you are just beginning to try out this method of cleansing so you can slowly transit your bad habit into good habit. 

Steps in achieving 

Step 1 - All you need to do is apply on dry face and you can do a simple message to get the blood circulation up on your face and also doing a face lifting technique to reverse what gravity have done to us

Step 2 - Then, use water to emulsify the product to further cleanse and balance the PH level

Step 3 - Get your usual cleansing product - Yes even after your remove it and feel squeaky clean YOU still need to cleanse it out thoroughly! You will sub-consciously do it because after all you wash it with an oil product and bound to have residue. you can naturally use your fancy equipment etc or stick with a towel to gently exfoliate the dead skin and resurface the new skin

Step 4 - Your normal regime of skin pampering session.

Rate: 4/5 stars! ****

Just because you can try and able to figure out if this routine works for you, plus who doesn't love the feeling of clean fresh face that you really take that extra 10 mins to get yourself pampered?

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