New finding - Revlon Absolute Radiance + CC cream

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hello everyone,

Its been a while since i last posted. Excuse is - Busying working and stress on family problem. Nonetheless you all have always been in my mind.

Today is going to be quick and short post. I am super tired and trying my best to get more than 6 hrs of sleep or more as much as i could.

Today i went Changi to fetch client and her flight delayed so why not walk around and i found Revlon release their new CC cream in the Watson Outlet in Terminal 1.

You might be think CC cream is like the new BB cream but better? - NO!

CC cream stand for - Color Correcting cream. Basically is a tinted moisturizer that have color correcting properties with better coverage.

There are many description for each brand what CC cream stands for in their line but bascially this is what is know about in general - DONT quote my saying :)

I enjoy CC cream over BB cream to be honest because i find that CC cream is much lighter (Rachel K is what i have been using) than the normal BB cream; although some BB cream have innovate to be lighter texture but is still feels abit heavier.

i tried the revlon on the back of my hand - which i know it not a good way to try a product. But the first impression already won me over.

010 Creamy white - Pink tone, great for people who are in the neutral skin tone to give a slight brightening effect without looking ashy

020 Natural orche - Yellow tone, great for people to counteract redness on their face and usually favours towards cool skin tone

030 Natural beige - Orange tone, great for people who have warmer skin tone and great for even-ing out the skin color

  • Light weight
  • Comes in 3 shade to color correct - do not use this if you want to find super good coverage, use foundation instead.
  • Finishing is satin with the ability to smooth out fine lines.
  • Definitely make my hand look alot more younger
  • Does contain SPF 30/PA++ - Great for shady outdoor activities :)
  • Price is SGD$25.90
** I do not know if it work on what type of skin type, sorry about it but i confirm will be getting it when watson have their 20% off store wide! - Shall update here if i like the product :)

So do check their counter out and let me know how you think about the hype of CC cream? So far i am loving CC cream team haha!

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