New brand in Singapore Illamasqua + Collection??

Monday, September 30, 2013

If you ladies have not already know, illamasqua is coming to singapore!!

Finally! and i bet the price is gonna be Singapore crazy price rate but who can stop us from shopping from online to save a bit of dollar$$. None the less the convenient for shopper to try out the texture of the product before purchase is always a wise choice, what ever it is. Illamasqua win!

Illamasqua is a new generation of make-up. An independent British brand that empowers through self-expression. We deliver market leading, colour-intense, professional make-up for all. We champion individuality and creativity, fighting injustice and intolerance, energised by our impassioned fan bases who embrace the same principles of fairness, equality and acceptance of all. Constantly challenging convention, we stand for freedom of expression.
WE ARE ILLAMASQUA. - Quoted from their FB,

I cannot wait to see how WILD their concept stores going to be!! Halloween is just right around the corner and their concept is just perfect - Alter ego :)


But i save the best for last, i got a secret news that i got from a friend that a UK brand is launching this coming weeks. Not just illamasqua coming to singapore.



Collection cosmetic launching in selected Watson stores on 16 October 2013

There will be event at:
Ang Mo Kio hub on the 1st Oct 2013
Chinatown on the 4th Oct 2013
Orchard Mandarin Hotel 8 Oct 2013

**info quoted from a friend :)

i cannot wait to try out their glitter liner which is rave by the pixiwoo sister


and of course their amazing collection lasting perfection concealer

and many more of their best product.

** they do not have any social media yet in singapore but i will update here if they happen to create one :)

So what is wrong with UK invading singapore?? i am not complaining but Collection 2000/Collection is another afforable brand in the UK so i am very excited about their price point and hopefully is wallet friendly!

My advice is get a list of item you wanna get, else it is going to be a ride for the month of October :)

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  1. Greetings! It's good to see another Singaporean Blogger. Lovely blog you got here.

    Shikin Kikin |

  2. Thanks sis! I have been searching for "Collection 2000 last perfection concealer" in SG like forever! =.= I haven't checked those Watson outlet in Ang Mo Kio but since I saw this post, I will definitely visit there! Again, thank you sis ^_^

  3. Thanks for this post!!

    Oh gosh I love illamasqua. I always watch their promo PV. And I love the brand concept "Make up for your alterego". <3 They are quality makeup!!

    But I think recently there's nothing much going on with them, when it comes to A&P? When they launched years ago, I really thought they would take the world by storm!


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