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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hi ladies,

Today let us talk about eye care?
The importance of eye care is highly recommend as we all know that the best feature that can show out our age would be our eyes. Wrinkle, dark eye circle and fine lines are the culprit that reveal our women’s secret.

From my early days, eye care product tends to be only exclusive to the high-end brands and even on affordable brand in the drugstore would cost ranging from $30 onwards, which tentatively redundant as I might as well use moisturizer as eye care. But let’s be frank that skin under our eye are very delicate and normal moisturizer might not do as well as the product that is being cater to do so.

I remember clearly that Olay (Very popular household brand in our grandmother generation) have this affordable eye care product which many might have not notice, comes in serum and cream formula for personal preference.

The above product is the very first product that I use and I know that it work well because it has slight shimmering particles; it brightens my eye quite well that I clearly recall that I do not need to use any concealer at all! This is how good it is. And I recommend to my friends and all of them reported as affordable and seen improvement in their eye condition.

After that I am not sure why I stop using the eye care? Perhaps the extra step to slap on the eye care is very troublesome as it tends to take too long to absorb or the application that requires you to dig into the eye care in a pot is un-hygiene that might have drove me away in using eye care.

Thankfully, Cozycot and Olay have selected a few of the beauty blogger to try on their new product that is not in the Singapore Market yet. Me and one of my friends cum blogger – Winddyychocoy have selected to do a review on it. So check hers out too as she and me have different skin conditions and hopefully it help you out as much as possible! 

This is the NEW Olay White Radiance CelLucent™ White eye roller, which gently massages and brightens eye area.

Everyone knows that the eye-roller technique have been known to de-puff eye bags and lifts up the eye area as it increases the blood circulation. It’s a quick remedy for people who want a temporary fix after a late night work.

However, one thing that does not fix is the dark under eye circle and it would be better if there is an essence/serum that can eventually treat and brightens the area under the eye.
We have been given this product to try for almost 2 weeks and I am about to announce the result of the product.

  •    I love how the roller are those small balls as compare to the usual 1 roller which gives better massage onto the skin
  • The cooling serum able to absorb into the skin well
  •  A smoothing film feeling provide canvas to put on the concealer that minimize creases onto fine lines
  • The clicking mechanism able to give me adequate control on the amount of product to be dispense
  • Does not create negative skin reaction such as millia seeds or rashes etc.
  • Travel friendly – so that you are able to use it any time for a quick boost

  • Dislike that it might have the tendency to contaminate the product as the roller is not 100%   dis-infect but on the other hand it is way better than just dip your finger into a pot form eye care.
  • Result varies due to skin conditions and you need to be consistent! YES consistent!! No lazy around!

 Overall, I do enjoy using this product because I notice that my concealer creases lesser on days that I put on the eye-care essence which I presume it acts like a primer for the under eye area. However, I am very please to notice a slight difference in my before and after picture and me myself was surprise! No I did not photoshop any of the pictures (Taken by Nikon D5100 with natural lighting, setting on my DSLR is WB 4, ISO 500, f/5.6, 1/60sec). 

The result is very instant and going to repurchase it to maintain my current condition. Not to mention the ingenuity of being a well known house hold brand that is slowly catching up the younger generation needs is indeed a big step in creating awareness that they can be trendy and understand consumer needs.

Rates: 4/5 ****
Hope you find this information helpful and comment down below if you have any enquires.

Disclaimer: Product was sent by cozycot and olay for consideration and reviewed results are of my honest opinion. It really does work so i dont think there is a doubt for you to consider it as a bias :)

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