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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Hi ladies,

If you are familiar with Catrice in my blog - it was one of the hits to achieve USD25 makeup challenge.

Catrice PR kindly sent me a care package that contain some of their collection that they think i might be interested in.

Let me just tell you in advance. I am not a bold lip color type of person unless i am doing creative makeup. so when i saw this amazing red gloss the immediate thought  is.. Oh oh.. When am i going to wear this? Hahah! 

I have done a 1st impression video on both the tinted moisturizer and their cream eye shadow and still editing process because WINDOWS is not made for editing!! *air punching*

The rest i have given them a shot and i would really suggest that those who are just beginning in starting up their makeup collection or looking for a quality makeup up but just a fraction of the price - GO GET MORE OF THEIR PRODUCT

Firstly -affordable 
Secondly - good quality 
Thirdly - wide variety of product needs and colors

These are the top 3 checklist for me to them! 

Oh if you are a avid makeup freak like me?

They have "collectable" limited edition for you to curb your craving!!

Nice right?? 

So it makes a total of 4 good reason to get it!

Everyone is rocking the red lip trend and i can say that it kinda hard for me to take the plunge yet because i have quite thick lips so any bold color would make my lips look extra extra "sexy"!

Left is one swipe, Right is applied 2-3 times. Clearly you can see the intensity of the pigmentation is seriously very very beautiful

i not sure if this is very blue tone? but it looks like leaning towards those red-pinkish color which i still think its very cute to rock on!

Do note that it does accentuate on dry/crack lips and it does bleed a bit - Suggest to put a layer of lip liner on before the lipstick.

4/5 ($7.90)

Catrice infinite shine lip gloss 

I am not a fan of lipgloss to be honest but i do recommend anyone who is in a look out for pigmented gloss because its very pigmented and i love the bend of the doe-foot applicator

I would not recommend anyone who is not a fan of sweet scent or stickyness

3.5/5 ($5.90)

I love love love this tinted moisturizer! as it give quite a good amount of coverage and it did not broke me up! 

I once use the ZA blue bottle tinted moisturizer which is sadly discontinued! :( that was my holy grail product which give very nice natural finish without the cakey feel.

But i would say even though this product is thicker than other tinted moisturizer but it give adequate amount of moisture needed and does not oxidize at all on me. I am a NC20-25 and the shade 010 fits me perfectly!

5/5 ($10.90)

Hello to cheap and good quality concealer!!

Great for student who have been studying late night and it has a slight peachy tint to it - Great of correcting the discoloration :)

However, it does crease on fine lines. So i recommend putting a silicon primer and set it with a setting powder to prevent disaster happening!

3.5/5 ($6.50)

Left is the tinted moisturizer, Right is the concealer light vs heavy application

Speaking of setting powder - in our humid weather in singapore regardless if the foundation etc claim to say that is last 24 hours.

Trust me you will have the itch to set it no matter what, to me i prefer to have matte face then add the shine with highlighter.

if you into looking for cheaper alternative to the makeup forever HD powder, do pick this up!

After application its very silky smooth and it give a very nice "soft focus" look to it and last quite well on me, but it wore off about 5 hours so i guess it still alright?

i do not recommend this as a touch up powder because it can be quite messy.

4.5/5 ($10.90)

Once am obsesses about blushes of all colors

This shade provide the most beautiful flush and the pigmentation is just right. Great for beginner who like a soft pink flush and it does not have chunky shimmer/glitter but if give a slight buffing on the skin it creates a very "glowing" effect which is very pretty! 

Gives me the itch to collect them all!

4/5 ($6.90)

I cant complaint that much! the pigmentation of the quad is amazing, except the odd blue color
alright to me, i love my neutral shade so when they sent me this quad i was abit shock and like i have no idea what i can do with this blue shade?

so i tried using it as a liner effect and it look cool especially layer over black liner it gives a pop to the eye look.

Will have a post up soon with that quad look + the blush as well

5/5 ($8.90)

This shade reminds me of summer and in my video i like to use coralish-orangey shade to warm up the look and it works very well on asian skin tone.

i love that its light and can carry around + it looks like a shu uemura single eyeshadow 
haha it somewhat curbs me away from looking at shu uemura counter? Which is a good thing right?

5/5 ($4.90)

The overall swatch for the quad + single eyeshadow and blush

Last but not least is the mascara, frankly i didnt use the mascara because i am not a fan of voluminous mascara as i am already have short stubby and stubborn lash that i believe that even you have a "lash spray" invention would not be able to save it.

and my lash seems to have life on its own that if they are happy today they will remain curl else not! so i can judge/rate this mascara just because my lashes would not be able to do justice for it :(

this is how the mascara look like if anyone interested to know :)

so its up to you to judge if the mascara is good or not haha! do comment if you need any help in getting more information about the product :)


the intensity of the color is insane!! 

This is not your ordinary nail polish this is called the nail lacquer - aka the step up of nail polish.
It gives very beautiful finish and shine that without top coat you are good to go!

This would also means that you do not need to layer many on top of it to give the shade that you want that resulted increasing chance of chipped nails and you do not want that!

swatches are 2 coat

5/5 ($5.90)

I hope they expand their counter as many as they could because that would make 5 good reason then!!! 

*counter at woodlands! Counter at woodlands!!*

They should just hired me as their marketer i will gladly work my ass off for them hahahah! 

Price screen of their price list and their up coming makeup collection! 

So do check them out at these area

have a great weekend ladies!

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