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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Lengthy post alert!!

I am sure if you are a fan of the pixiwoo sisters, you would have come across a Youtube channel called the Body Talk - where they share anything about makeup, skin care, dating, cooking and the most sensitive topic sex talk.

But i always click on the video where pixiwoo sister were the host for that video just because they are my idol? hahaha!

Well, Sam & Nic (pixiwoo's sisters) they are professional makeup artist with amazingly talented in creating beautiful skin with all their makeup and technique. But in real life they have skin problem such as dry skin or redness around their faces.

Anyway they have a video talking about skincare with a skincare blogger expert - Caroline Hirons. Where she talks about her skin care regime.

In the video, Caroline her skin looks amazing! like naturally good-looking skin!

Naturally they are talking about how you should take care of your skin (Do note that what every suggestion that they gave and you about to try is at your risk!)

Long story short - everything about it comes down on the technique that you choose to cleanse your makeup off your face!

When you think about it, Bioderma or micellar/cleansing is seriously a great makeup remover and it cleans very well without feeling greasy and plus scent free! Amazing right? But have you tried using the bioderma to clean off yellowish stain from your desktop? and does the stain come off?

Just think about it that even though it claims to be for sensitive skin but a product that is capable of getting rid of the stain usually contain "un-noticeable" strong chemical substance that is safe to use. If you know what i mean?

I do not want to go all out to boil down what they have inside their secret ingredient because it pointless.

Don't get me wrong that i am bashing that brand - I LOVE THAT BRAND. I think its the best invention ever. But if i have the time to remove my makeup why not spend more time cleaning it and pampering it?

After all you only have 1 face!

Now the only time i use Bioderma (pour into small squeeze bottle) is when i am travelling, touching up or i have super light makeup and want to quickly rinse it off asap.

At the end of the day.. You Need A Proper Cleansing Oil/ Oil Based /Balm Makeup Remover that is cater to get your makeup off! (due to the oil/wax substance in the makeup that now conveniently stay in put on your face for 24 hrs!)

Which makes perfectly sense to me because...

1) Oil based remover molecules tend to be bigger and does not clog pores - which a lot of people think is not true! (Go back to your chemistry teacher and ask why oil float above water)

2) Our face naturally produce oil to wear down the makeup on our face because the makeup is a foreign "object" on the layer of skin - our body is protecting themselves!

3) In the olden olden days those Chinese opera singer use cold-cream which i presume is oil based also to remove their thick makeup. I know that they use cold cream because they have this back stage scene about lost Chinese heritage and they are showing something about life of Chinese opera singer and she was using Pond's Cold Cream. (Plus when i was just beginning learning how to use makeup and would doodle every now and then - so cold cream is my cheap way of removing makeup without costing a bomb!)

Plus, base on my beauty knowledge and experience. Finding a good oil-based remover is important because it determine whether..

1) Does it remove effectively - quality matters. I have experience very bad quality one before and it does not remove my makeup as quickly as i would want to

2) Does it emulsify into milky state? - ok i have to be clear with it that oil-based makeup remover doesn't mean you can use cooking oil to remove your makeup. (Ok i know olive oil have been put into test - but come on let just keep it in the kitchen and use it at the right place alright??) It has to be water soluble in a sense that when it touches water it turn into milky substance that you can further use it as a agent to balance the PH level of your skin.

3) Price wise - You do not need to buy a high end one like eg. Emma Hardie which shown on the video is crazily expensive at almost SGD$60+  or if you are just beginning to try out can look into Etude House version of it. Or if you have the spare cash to spend there are brand out there like Clinique cleansing balm/ Clarins pure melt/ shu uemura cleansing oil etc. Google is your best friend.

Now you must be wondering if there is any difference with cleansing oil/ balm?

To me there is not much difference - it all depends on preference. (Really!) One is with pump that you pump out the product another is you scoop it out.

Bloody Hell this is a long post.

But if you are interested you Check out my "Etude House Cleansing Blam" for steps to use cleansing blam to remove makeup.

I hope this post have been useful to you and please do not think that i am psycho-ing you to change the way you take off your makeup.

Use anything you want be it cleansing water/ oil/ wipes what ever - You only have 1 face :) just don't complaint if you have pimple/bumps the next day hahaha! It your responsibility to bear!

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  1. Me too.. I don't use cleansing water to remove makeup.. I use them to cleanse dirt on my face!

  2. I beleive, I will take up your suggestion and research cleaning products thoroughly before I use it on my face. Thank you for an insightful blog article.


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