Nikon Event for Lady First SG! + Unprofessional ethics of a photographer

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hello everyone,

From the title above i think you would be thinking - Why Nikon??

Well Nikon FB page posted an event for Lady first sg Conference/Meetup/ Introduction at Compass point and asked 3 Nikon photographer to participate this "Volunteering" photo taking event and it was a day after my last paper. I knew i have to immediately sign up for it because what way to give myself a good time taking photo and being selected as a NIKON representative.

(Left is B, Right is A - You will know why i label it later haha!)

I did not know it was a first come first serve basis until i receive the confirmation email saying something like "Congrats!... You were one of the lucky 3!"

So i was thrill and happy of course because instead of being asked as a beauty blogger, i was representing NIKON!! wah seh!!

Of course in my mind was like - What should i prepare etc? Flash light?? new lens?? so many things to get and my impression was those pro-photogapher had those "bling bling" you know. But after much thought into it - I am just a simple girl and with my Nikon D5100 i think without those flashy bling bling i am able to do well!

Because i think as a noob/amateur i have already challenge myself to an arena that is totally different from "beauty blogger" POV! So i will make do with what i have :)

If you notice this is gonna be a long long post but i wanna make it as detail as possible so i can share my experience behind the scene of being a event photographer. Of course there is nasty experience as well which i will confirm-chop-will elaborate it!!

(Here i am playing with the DOF) amazing how i can control using the manual setting!)

On the day itself we are suppose to report at the compass point on dot at 3pm i think so being professional - i arrive on dot and guess what i am earlier than them - Ok!! haha! (Usually i am a late person, YES! i admit that)

We were given out goodie bag etc and told to put on the Nikon vest so that the media can recognize us and give us the access that we needed. Plus Nikon was one of the big sponsor for the variety show that why we are also asked to do a mini thank you speech to Nikon and Starhub. However, being the only girl that represent Nikon + the show is about women's Beauty & Health = Why not let me be on the commercial for the next few seconds.

If you have not seen the commercial here it is! Everything in HD makes people look wider hmmm thank god i put on light makeup that day. Did i mention that i manage to take 1 practice + 2 shot? the producer was surprise that she asked me to do again just in case editing got problem. Ai seh lea! hehe! If you all want me to do host i am very talented you know?? haha

Anyway we went on introducing ourselves - there were 2 guys. One of them is very experience another is probably like me but better? So the experience guy (A) offered me his lens and say will teach me to use. But hor - after very long long time (30mins) he still didnt teach me how to use his lens and i realize that this lens is those no VR and only shoot at 50mm; which is one of those lens that i want to get to take "Product/Video" shooting purposes on a TRIPOD! Immediately i knew that this is purely a sabotage!!!


I told him nicely hor:

Jo: "Hey, it ok you do not need to teach me how to use and i not use to this lens. I prefer my usual lens!"
A: "Huh? ok lor since i need to use it anyway you give back to me also good"

KNS (Sorry this post is very vulgar!) during the whole shoot he didnt even use the lens at all and he uses a very cheapo - DIY reflector out of cupboard. like huh??

I tend to stray away from him and stick with the another guy (B) - He quite nice and tend to share his thoughts on the way it should be shoot etc. So i stay on this position at the left side of the stage because the space is perfect and have no obstacles.

Then this A come again and say

A: "Hey, you go over there (Right side of the stage) - that side the angle better."

There was not many people when he say that - So i went over!

ARGH IT MADE ME EVEN MAD!!! Because the security guard say this area is for the media representative to stand.

OMFG!!! I saw him laughing!!!! THIS IS PURELY EVIL PERSON!!!

This has gone way too much and me finding a new angle is impossible now because they are letting audience to come in.

Luckily the Nikon coordinator say that me and B are allow to stand in the blogger stand.


He is at the stage stairs sitting down with other photographer from other media!

Why does he have the privilege and not us??

Do you know all of my 600+ shots are his stupid head blocking the view and his dumb reflector that always affect my exposure etc.

It got me and one of the beauty blogger that is at the stand abit piss off that during the break we told him to squat down when he finish taking his "professional" picture

(Sorry i had to watermark this because he is my idol!! and this is the best shot so far!! =D)

Nonetheless, i really do enjoy the whole experience including the not so good one as well because it challenges me to push my limit and give in my best.

Did i mention that i am able to change lens within like 5 secs? I am amaze too!

Let me spam you with some of the photos - I will want to watermark it but since this is my first event as a photographer i rather not water mark most of it because who want a novice picture right?? hahah!

Plus most of the photo editing is just color/brightness adjustment.. If you want to see the other photographer photos you can check out this link. The tendency to add a lot of filter etc is just all too tempting but i try to keep it as natural as possible because i like it this way!

Slide show just to show some of my creation (Is that what is called?? hahaha!) Anyway Enjoy!!

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  1. Aiyo... why the guy like that one!!!!

    1. ya lor.. 1st event kanna this kind of person.. tsk tsk ^^


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