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Thursday, July 18, 2013

So apart from the fashion oh no! Post that is very popular in my blog and been one of the highest hits!

I would like to make another series of topic about makeup; in this series instead of saying the good and bad about makeup choices since everyone skin is different etc. why not do a "Makeup choices" topic?

Today it is about setting the makeup?

 Ever wonder the variety of setting your makeup

  1. Not setting and get the dewy skin
  2. Setting with powder to create a matte looking finish
  3. Setting with a setting spray so that your makeup stay in place

There are no logically/routine which you should do or don't it is a matter of preference

I personally would go to the extend of setting powder + spray just to make my makeup last like a shield - Singapore is a very humid and hot place 24/7/365. So those 2 makeup items is a must for me to have it inside my collection if i am going to places where i would hit the sun/water/sweat etc.

If i am just going out for 4-5 hours setting powder would be just fine. Again - i have wide selection of setting power - From oil control to reduce the appearance of pores to less cakey powder to even loose/press powder form.

However, I am not a big lover of not setting it because i feel insecure about it - Its a feeling that you are about to put butter out in the sun and let it just naturally melt.. Not a pretty sight right?

My personal favorites are

Dream matte powder - Because it control oil / Last whole day / Does not caked up if layered / Pressed form, Can be purchase off maybelline counter at all drugstore but i got mine from the US just because its cheaper and has more shades selection.

Ben Nye Banana Powder - Slight warm to the over look / Control Oil and Last whole day, I depot into a smaller jar so to avoid contamination and i like it to be travel friendly :)

Urban Decay Razor powder - Smooth out pores/ Finely milled / Control Oil / Comes with a puff to control raging flying loose powder. This one i got it from my friend Junry, and i had this forever because you do not need a lot of it and if you dislike to use the puff you can twist and just use it as a normal loose powder. I highly recommend anyone that just start off with makeup to invest in this, plus the packaging just look all so awesome!!

Skindinavia setting spray - Locks in everything and DOES NOT BUDGE even sweat/oil! Only makeup remover. This i highly recommend to shake until your hand drop off before spraying onto the surface because i think the formula need to work when they are really well mix? and the smell is amazing (in my very honest opinion) - Great item if you are trying to be a "everything dont move makeup" proof situation.

So what is your way of setting your makeup??

Au Natural?

Powder up?

Spray and lock it?



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