Belated - Shiseido Private Sale Haul

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Super quick post before i get ready to head out to run errands and catch the premier of "The Lone Ranger" with Jerlaine which i unexpectedly won the Nuffang giveaway and we already pre-planned to watch it on the 6 July so might as well catch it earlier than other. Plus - IT FREE!! WHY NOT??

So there is a shiseido sale every year and this time around fall in the month of June, usually its around april/may. This time the sale is totally different in a way that there is NARS MAKEUP!! like holly crap!! imagine the already "OKAY" price range over the counter in Tangs, imagine the price in the sale!!

I got to know that Kim was heading down so both of us were super excited on the night before and the next morning i receive a text from Charlene that she is heading down too! You do not want to know what text we have been texting to and forth saying something about "God of Sale. Please pray for smooth train journey".

People in the train though i was mad cause i was laughing like nobody business. I believe they already posted their haul on their site - so check them out if you have not, and if you have, there is no harm checking it out again! hahah!

So we were the lucky 1st batch of people that we manage to get in first - apparently there already crowds over there and i saw Diana at the sale too!

Obviously all i could say is that the NARS & CDP section are the most pack and noisy one! Mind you i was battling through the crowd with a almost recovery knee-cap dislocate situation. So i squeeze through and there rest was history.

Total of Damages: $130 excluding CP of course

**If you are my relatives and you saw this amount!! Pretend it wasn't here at all!

I have decided that i do not want to watermark the rest of this post because partially i think my watermark does not suit this post and plus i think the craze of copy each other post is over?? - Come on! Lets not be childish.. :)

Back to reality - i only got NARS makeup because that is why i am here and 1 lip essence because Kim say its only $15 only. -.-!

Never go sale shopping with this women!!

So tiny little treasure that i suspect that "Despicable me" have use the shrink ray to shrink it small! it look normal in the pict but DO NOT BE FOOL!! 

I know my shade was because i have similar tone with Sophia and i have use their powder foundation before. I think NARS is one of the cosmetic brand out there that their shade is quite consistent in liquid and powder form. 

And here is the odd ball! Which i admit is cute and maybe when i apply some guys might get attracted to be?? >.<!

I have not use any of the product - odd person. Because i have way too much product to finish up and anyway i like to leave this baby for special occasion :)

Hope you all have a nice mid-week ahead!!

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  1. OMG!! can you share how do we know about this kind of awesome sale around??

    1. Follow them on shiseido facebook would always do the trick :)

  2. Haha the lip essence is double the price outside leh Jo!

    1. ohhhhh! seriously???!! for this tube?? 0.0

  3. Great haul!!! But awww... You should have bought moreeeeeeee! Hehe!

    1. yo women! next yr i shall get my hand on the CDP foundi!! i will!! >.<!

  4. Awesome Joanna! ((: I heard so much good comment about NARS product! :D

  5. Hi, I was wondering if you have tried the Nars foundie? If so what are your thoughts about it?



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