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Sunday, June 02, 2013

Recently i attend one of the event that Ru bought me over for a talika event. all i know about talika is that their lashes serum is good and also very expensive and i didnt know that they also do skincare. 

Apparently i am not keeping up with the whole beauty skin care stuff.. But what i have is their Photo-Beauty Theraphy - Brightening line (serum and cream). If you are interested in anti-ageing line do keep a look out on Ru blog (Click here) because that what she got in her press kit :)

If you all know about how sun rays is bad for the skin as it cause damage to skin tissue DNA - Reduce the productive rate of collagen re-production and also the new skin cells for the appearance of dark spot or wrinkles. That is why everyone in the beauty world is trying to find the perfect sunscreen that isnt oily and has to be light weight and doesnt flash back too much or blah blah blah she-bangz stuff. 

I have 3-4 sunblock and all doesnt give me the assurance that they can last the whole day & most sunblock i tried make my skin oily within 4 hrs and my foundation looking cakey. Partly the reason is that singapore is very very humid 24/7/365 days! I have to admit that there are days that i dont even bother to put sunblock! i even convince myself that staying indoor are safe proof sunblock hahah! very naive eh? 


cool right. this is the new Photo Beauty Therapy is about as it contain one of the most important ingredient that is patented to only Talika skin care line.

Talika now offers this natural treasure to the skin by interating the Photo-Beauty Enzyme for the first time in its skincare and creating the Photo-Beauty Therapy Lines. 

1. The light essence universal cellular activator
2. 2 first lines using light energy to "push back time" (Anti-ageing & brightening)

Photo-Beauty Enzyme (PBE)

  • Transform light into cellular enegery for a global anti-ageing action
  • Helps to brigtening the complexion & diminish the intensity of dark spots
  • Helps regenerate & protect the skin's DNA, Hydrate, relieves discomfort.)

What does this brightening line that i receive claim?

Prodigious,rich in PBE and brigtening active ingredients, it targets melanocytes specifically to reduce the intensity of darkspots and brightens the complexion within 4 weeks. 

After 14 days, +79.6% non pigemented cells*

Thought about the moisturizer/cream: 

The PR explains that its light weighted cream that it almost gel texture that is easily absorb into our skin without feeling very icky specially when apply in the morning as a great "protection" barrier against the sun rays and we can least worry about if we have apply sunblock or not before makeup application because this is using sunlight as one of the activator to protect our skin from sun damage. - Try thinking solar panel for your face! hahaha!

To me the cream works very well for me when i apply in the night not much so in the day because i have oily combination skin which i would avoid cream product in the morning as i normally apply makeup when i heading out and i do not like the feel of the product on the hot sunny day where it tends to be slipping away.

I usually take a tiny pea size if i am staying at home without any makeup on or slightly more application during the night because i sleep with my air-conditioner on. This leaves of skin supple over night and somehow treat the texture of the skin very well, still there is slight film like slippery feeling to it which i do not normally be concern with as i would wash my face every morning :)

i give it 3.5/5 simply because its still a cream texture and i would best recommend for people who have dry and mature skin to really fall in love with it. Its worth the investment if you are that group of people else dont!

Thought about the serum: 

To me i love serum over any moisturizer simply because in my opinion serum have smaller molecule and is very much quickly absorb into the skin without any residual feeling to it. This is quite costly as this is much concentrated and yet have similar properties as the cream/moisturizer.

I do enjoy using this product as the packing is sleek and it has a pump! (plus point!!) it keeps the product as fresh as it is so that the serum that is applied to the face does not contain any bacteria etc blah blah blah... i apply this day most of the time and least in the night because i use the cream most in the night. i like how the serum is has a light scent that is pleasant and the pump is able to pump sufficient amount for my whole big face. Recommend for all skin types :)

I enjoy the serum so much that i have been using half pump sparingly just because it very expensive!
I give 4.5/5 just because of the non so wallet friendly affordability.

Price TBC!

Overall thoughts about the product line

I was instantly sold about the concept and such because who could have think about using sun as an activator to activate the skin care?? My face looks brighter after consistently use for the past 1 month but however if i stop using it the dull look somehow got back? so i guess its a product that you have to use it consistently to see the effect and just a sidenote to point out; that even though the concept is very well design i would still recommend apply sunblock with SPF 50 with PA +++ because that is the only way that the product is manufacture to fight against harmful sun-rays.

If i have to recommend one product to try from the line would be the serum! because its much more concentrated, friendly packaging and can be use for all skin types!

Below are some of the photos taken during the event :)

the tall looking bottle is one of the cult product can be use on either on the whitening or anti-ageing series

who doesnt love cupcakes? seems to be the trend on event haaha!

their famous lash serum and mascara combo

The light essence is like a pre-skincare drink for your face to prep it before feed them the skincare products. 

The TALIKA laboratories have designed this DUO, a portable device with each side emitting a light wave

the light 590® reactivates collagen synthesis and elastic production. (Orange light) = ANTI-AGEING

the light 525® regulates the production of melanin, responsible for skin coloring (Green Light) - WHITENING

Group shot with other beauty blogger and the PR team!

Thank you Talika & Jeslyn for the invite :)

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