[Review] Vaseline "non-lotion" lotion aloe fresh + Haze rashes to the rescue!!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Hello everybody,

In Singapore the weather is very hot that putting body lotion/butter/cream is a insane thing to do, but we know that those stuff(s) makes our skin very smooth and not so dry flaky etc. especially if you work in a air-con environment.

Updated: Plus with the INSANE haze situation i have notice that my skin tends to itch easily. So if you wanna know how i sooth the rashes/itch keep reading!

Personally i purchase many bath and body works stuff (if you do not know what is it? - its just body related stuff that makes you smell super duper delicious during/after shower)  through sprees that i conduct with some of my blogger friend + the Youtube hype about how BLOODY GOOD smelling all their body lotion are have make me a little crazy obsess about them that i have to force myself not to login to their website to psycho me to go get 1/2/3...++ more of their products.

So far i only manage to use of 1 mini bottle of their lotion because i am not a lotion type person and only enjoy smelling their scent (weird? i know!).

Back to the main topic - The amazing new Vaseline non-lotion (aka gel) lotion!

From what i know this product was already launch way back 2010 recommended by TiffanyD on Youtube that she rave about (Credits information by Linnera), so i presume if it dates back 2010 and still selling it means good right?

Plus my dearest makeup buddy Karmen Junry, say its her favorites! How can you not buy when a friend who do not enjoy putting lotion on her won body to claim that this is good!!

Being a good young sport (gosh! Leonardo Dicarprio!! in Gatsby haha!) i take the last bottle and make my 1st body gel lotion in SINGAPORE!!

Price wise: $7-$8 depending on sales

Size: Good and easy to carry around

Packaging: Very Good! because its clear so you can see how much left is inside

Moisturizing properties: 8/10 - It does have a great moisturizing properties even though it gel based and one of the ingredient is aloe extract which is very good natural moistening agent that is natural. However because it does not have oil based type of ingredient in it so it does lack a bit in the ability to retain moisture at the end of the day.

Stick feeling: I can 99% tell you that it does not have the sticky feeling!! 1% is when unless you put a lot and it does not absorb the remaining of it; so do practice rationing the right amount.

2 Picture above is to comparison of the normal lotion vs the "non-lotion" lotion - You can clearly see that the traditional lotion leave a slight white-tish cast as compare to the "non-lotion" and definitely sticker than the latter one.

The scent: Highly important factor!! it has only one scent in this line current (if i am not wrong) which makes it a thumbs down but considering the fact that the scent they bought in is cucumber which is very refreshing put it to a 8/10. PLUS if does not counter the other scent that you gonna put on eg, perfume??

Overall: I personally think that if you once own a Vaseline petroleum jelly, you should own this as a stash because it has all the good reason to practice putting moisture back to your skin even on days that is hot! Put this in the fridge and use it sooth on the hot days is really very nice but i do not advice for the face thou haha!

Update: Recently due to the Haze fever, my skin has been reacting and have some initial stage of rashes that its very itchy, so being the very daring experimental  me - I apply the gel lotion and it immediately calms the skin down but still the redness is still there but i guess it takes time to let the redness go away. 

Have a great weekend ahead peeps!

Drink more water and wear mask if you going outdoor!

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