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Saturday, June 29, 2013

So if you read my previous post that i won and manage to get a full size product from VT. If you wanna know how YOU should totally read this post on how to get your wish come true!

But what intrigue me is that now they have this "Review & Like" the brand and product on their website - You will stand to win a Full size product that you wish for! It is open to ALL new and existing VT members regardless you are a monthly subscriber or not you ALL stand a chance to get what product you wish for on your wish list!

So basically.. Its as easy as 1-2-3!

1st - you need to have a VT account. Regardless if you have subscribe to the beauty box monthly. They even made it convenient for you to sign up for VT! Twitter, FB or email add. 

2nd - Fill in/ Update your profile. The more you fill up the more VT know about you and will cater product that you need. And of course this is probably part of their marketing needs - understanding customer better. Which is about you!  You can see my profile is only 97% completed because some information i do not know as much?? so just fill in as much as possible!

3rd - If you like a certain product lets say - you tried a serum from a brand and you want to share your experience. Go comment and tell the whole world why they should own it!!

And if you like to try certain product (hopefully not all atas!! Because lets be real, not all atas/high ended product are necessary good). Put them into your wishlist and just PRAY that you get them in your VT beauty box or wait for them to contact you to get your wish come true!!

Click to your profile page and scroll down to see your wishlist and tadah!! It appear on your wishlist and VT will some how become a random Santa and who know you might be the lucky one to own a full size product!!

Its that easy!! 

I am sure you have time to participate writing short reviews and opinion on a product? Pssst there is always a chance for toilet break right! If you know what i mean :)

Of course - Do follow Vanity Trove on their FB page so that you can see update and contest that they held over there!

So get writing and may the forces be with you!! 

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