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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hello everyone,

i know i have been MIA but if you wanna know my updates and everything do check me out at instagram because i update so much over there.

Anyway i am sure you all know about the beauty box craze happening worldwide. But it come to think of it that sample pack are actually free to get if you approach the counter, you do not necessary have to pay to get those sample.

I personally subscribe to VanityTrove because i think their monthly beauty box are very well thought of and worth my $25 "investment" :). I previous subscribe to bellabox which later i close my account because during that comparison period between VT + the increase in the bellabox's subscription = resulted that i might as well stick with one that gave me more surprises than repeated sample..

Nonetheless, there are many other for example the recent one that Media-corp just release and with the supporting advertisement/commercial by Sharon Au; The Little Black Box.

Or now which i just subscribe which is totally free and got to know from Carol which you can totally check her out as she have better description about the Brandbox than i did.

Why i ask you to sign up is because they initially decided to take 100 members and they increase to 1000 just a moment ago! Plus its not a monthly deal, its a bi-monthly subscription so i presume that they have better time to source for samples?

We are singaporean - being a kiasu character that is being brought up with. Just sign up la.. No harm hahah!

All i did was

1) Go to this link
2) Click subscribe! - Filled up the application with your particulars
3) Go to your email and click the "Activation Link"
4) Congrats! You are a member of Brandbox

Do like their FB page for more updates and information-- Click here

PS: Haze has been a bitch.. Please take care and drink more water.. Wear N95 mask if you need to go out.

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