Fashion Oh NO! - A Size is better than Free Size!

Friday, June 07, 2013

Hey everyone,

Just to say that this post has got to be my most hardest post to write because i gonna say something that i might or might not offend people in the fashion industry.

If you have your own fashion rules and very block minded (sorry, i don't mean it but i don't want to ruined our friendship) you can very well say sayonnara right now. However, if you are boring right now and probably curious why i writing my annoyed post or you are a very open minded person. Go ahead a read it!

Have it ever occur to you that now majority of the BUGIS/FEP/NO-BRANDED clothes etc come with a automatic "voice" tag that says: [MISS, ITS FREE SIZE]. Irritating right??

This is a very well kept secret (now no longer is) of mine because who would believe one person who does not have any fashion field experience to tell everyone the BIG secret?? haha! I guess everyone has a limit that mine just hit it perfectly today. Else i will die with regret if i do not share!

If you all been very very detail about the clothes size you have been buying do you realize that in maybe 5-10 years ago with the same size body (ahem, in my case) you probably wore a L and now you can wear size M at a shop you usually shop to? Just think about the recent bra size you bought is it up or down in sizes?? you get it?? Confuse?? Just read on..

Just a small background knowledge - i studies fashion for 6 months during my poly year (not long i know..) where we were ask to choose an elective over something that is not related in our current course. I want to go to design school for very long time but i choose business engineering course over design because during that period of time/ desperate moment - if you are into business related course you are a BIG shot! And being a typical traditional Chinese family; YOU have NO choice but to take on something that is worth showing you face off to your relatives. (Dumb choice i ever made!)

During that period of learning, I have enjoy myself and of course savor the 6 months that i have with my design lecturer that i sometimes do keep in contact with her. Those 6 months have been my favorite time in school (apart from often need to go to school on Saturday as that lecturer work on weekday) and i have learn lot from her. Of course i do not want to claim that i am the best of what, but just something that i have been annoy about or should i say.. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FREE SIZE YOU DAMN SALES ASSISTANT!!

Well, i am sad to say its not 100% truth that you lost weight or drop/increase in measurement. Reason being that... (only naming those that i found can be quite convincing)

The cutting/sizing has change to fit recent shape/size of the majority society

Majority during the past decade have sort of resort to fast food because they are fast-food-on-the-go (which are generally unhealthy, salad was not a biggie during that past decade) resulting increasing size of the *ahem* wider waistline etc etc etc. Hence, people start to be much more self conscious that larger cutting can hide their figure curvaceous figure or choose something that is comfortable for themselves without pulling or stretching the clothes that is being "eaten" under the flap of guilt. (yes! me was one of them!)

Now everything is slightly 1 size bigger, to cater self conscious people.

They want the bigger slice of the market that is growing in size secretly

So for these segment of customer that are "growing" they prefer to find clothing that are comfortable but yet still able to convince themselves that they are able to fit into those "sizes" that they thought they are suited for.  Well, we humans are dilemma flicked minded creatures that want to have the best of both worlds (i was in that position before but i grew out of it since the class i attend and began to accept the fact that i need to grow to learn what is the fact.). So to satisfy our "lust", manufacturing company must have hired a very good batch of researcherS or maybe mind-readerS that understand the change in customer needs that well.

I hate to say this but this is the truth for those manufacturing company that does clothes for living and want to be in the leader in the market. I do appreciate clothes that are branded that have sizes listed with the measurement in them but i do think that they are still inconsistent and probably hiding something that we might not know?

Case 1:
One of my friend who i went shopping with, at a well-known Bra boutique that all the while told me she was a cup A at certain brand but cup A during that display was seriously petite that i told her to why not go try on B/C. To her surprise she very much well fitted to B(Updated by my friend) , its not a push-up by the way! (Sorry bud!)

Case 2:
Or one incident where i bought a size L t-shirt at my usual outlet G____io without trying because i thought it would fit just nicely, BUT it was very loose and i am very certain it was women's cutting. So i went back, change it and got myself a size M instead.

Both case 1 & 2 i was not surprise at all because this is one of the possibility of a marketing tactics. The key is to make customer happy "indirectly"

As research shown that women body shape is different from the 1950's which were petite and definitely much smaller in size, nowadays women are taller and more voluptuous at areas that they should be. ( The shape of things to wear: scientists identify how women's figures have changed in 50 years

So for Case 1 - my friend now thought she is a cup C when she probably is a cup A/B, which A/B size are much practical if you think about it. And Case 2 - I am a size smaller!! who does not love it??!! Darn self deceiving human being i am!

As much as i appreciate the effort of those label sized clothing, but its kind of funny to un-reveal those marketing tactics and to be able to laugh off at the end of the day.

Solution to that is probably -
  1. Pen down the updated size that you have bought at the shop that you usually purchase from - so that you would be able to get the correct size that you need. I KNOW IT SO HARD TO MAINTAIN THE LIST.. BUT what is your phone notepad for?? make use of it hahah!

  2. Double check the size of the display set and the new pieces - Do not laugh! even big name makes mistake during their cutting. So please double check the quality of the pieces and make sure they are the same size as you measured the one that you want to buy. Always act pre-caution!

  3. Look at the cutting that you purchase - Some have different cutting to cater to different design/style/figure of a women body. You may purchase similar cutting but the design of the material does not suit you.

  4. Knowing and embracing what is your body shape - Understanding it will give you a better edge when purchasing clothes that suit your body. Get clothes that show your assets because you only have 1 body so just show and flaunt it at its best! You will feel alot more confident and walk down the orchard road like you own it!

Now for clothes that does not have any label/brand that you see at bugis/fep/... i can totally understand that they want to have the fair share of the market. Especially they sell fairly cheap to target people that commonly fashion minded who are constantly changing their outfit probably once every 2 weeks? hahah!

Sometimes i think those seller they might have completely lost the common sense about size! The sale girls who they think they are fashionista/model, guessing that they can fit into an un-stretchable-blouse assume that EVERYONE can fit in or best, is that the more they sell the more commission they earn!

In order to earn as much money as possible all they need is to sell more and if there is any customer asking for a size that they might not have/ out of stock; they claim - "Oh, its free size confirm can fit!"

Girl! let me tell you it there is no bloody such thing as free size. I will give you a baby clothes tell you that its free size you want to try fit it in?

At least have the decency to be honest and tell me it can fit in size S/M/L/XL or i seen one the best at Bugis - she measure using the tape against the clothing that i want to buy and show it straight to me if it does fit or not. Good right?? but apparently being honest does not keep her job long enough? she quit the next time i visit her.

To tackle this situation what i would suggest is that

  1. Bring your own measuring tape - so that you can self measure everything that you want to buy at a no-branded clothes. Usually, they do not allow customer to try them on and of course they do not want to lose your money. It embarrassing but you have the customer rights to pay for that cheap thrills $10 shirt that you eyed on! 

  2. Make sure you get those clothes that are stretchy type - if they fall 1-2 inches below your size you can still stretch it a bit or a few washes will loosen it. I know it is bad but if that is the clothes that you want it so badly you know you need to work it somehow. 

  3. Remember the shop that you always buy from - usually shop will bring in the same ranges and variety of clothes that normally sell the best and the boss of that shop would roughly know what their customer needs are. So if you are a frequent shopper over that shop; Stick with it!

  4. Always ask for the possibility of exchange -  Best if you can ask for a receipt to ensure that you can exchange them if in the end it does not work out. Those places they will tend to have "fashion clash" and both shop might bring in the same design of outfit from different manufacturer. You never know if the boss going to disown the pieces that you bought. 

  5. Double check the size of the display set and the new pieces - Mass-manufacturing will always has it flaw if you want the product to be cheap. Always act pre-caution! 

  6. You buy at your own risk - After all those saying etc you still want to risk it by not taking the tips i mention. Do not blame anyone if any of those clothes does not fit you. :)

I guess this is the end of my fashion rant! hahaha!

All the above mention are my past experience and to tell the truth - i still shop at bugis/fep/... etc to satisfy my cheap finding adventure but i do not blame anyone if in the end i do not wear those maybe 3 out of 10 times because those purchase usually does not last long and those stretchy ones tend to be very stretchy or shrink abit after many washes.

What i have done is to save a bit more to purchase clothes that are labelled in sizes and stick to shop that does have my size and stay with it. 

If you have any comment or suggestion/tips that you would like to share go ahead and comment down below. It has been a very fruitful post that i am very proud of it and i hope it was helpful to everyone :)

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