USD$25 Makeup Challenge - Plausible??

Friday, May 24, 2013

Hello everyone, if you read this right now i suppose you will notice that it a totally new different setting from onsugar. Yes i have move my blog to a more personal domain, there might be some people asking why the change? i think its time that i own something for myself or a brand? so that i feel that i have responsibility to own to or should i say a challenge for myself? haha! More about that later when i have the blog layout properly setup! =)

In the Youtube community there has been alot of this USD$25 makeup challenge. As you know in Singapore we aren't able or IMPOSSIBLE to get many stuff below $30. eg. 1 mascara is about $19-$25 SGD which is almost 80% of the budget.

Until recently Singapore drugstore have been stepping up the affordable makeup brand game in and i am able to get good stuff at a affordable price!

So to twist up the challenge i convert US$25 to SGD is about $30-$31 depends on the exchange rate.

Guess what? none comes from Daiso! Amazing right? i am so proud of myself even though i thought about it before. But however i did cheat little bit because i am breaking out and i already out of budget and plus the fact that i brought the compact powder under "transparent" is purely dumb of me! but hey you make do with what you have and just give and take hahahha! Hence the title "plausible?"

The brand that i am challenging is from Catrice which is a new brand just landed in Singapore at guardian outlet and only available in few places namely vivo, city link, ang mo kio.

Total purchase cost SGD$31.50 which is slightly over budget of USD$25, but you need to give and take to make life easy haha!

1. Compact powder - 010 transparent = $7.90

2. Single Absolute eye color - Starlight Expresso 350 = $4.90

3. Quattro Absolute eye color - 070 Mud Spencer & Coralle Hill = $8.90

4. Eye Liner pen 010 Black = $5.90

5. Precision Lip liner 070 Cosnovo = $4.90

Enjoy!! and happy long weekend ahead!!

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