Update + Vlog + Rant

Monday, April 22, 2013

Read if you want. But it just an update and abit of a rant. hahaha

so my exam is finally over!! yes i know its the day to be remember 22 april, plus my nephew is born yesterday!! so cute!! he was born when i was having my paper.. talk about timing!

anywho.. my youtube channel will be close and reopen call "missjologytv". Reason why i am closing my account because of the copyright issues that my account has incurred when i insert background music in my makeup video that i took part in the make up contest hosted by sarah. And there wasnt any issue until now that they are being strict about it! :( so my initial video upload can be 15 mins long or so call have the unique features were all gone and now i realise youtube has becoming a community that has loss the freedom to upload whatever we want. shouldnt they implement before and after the copyright restriction?? 

but i have not posted anything over there yet so hopefully you all can subscribe over to that channel as i will be making more video then :). 

Side note about youtube update - a small rant about my lecturer, he is a smart guy very intelligent i can say. But i think he does not have any idea how much he migh have hurt his student, he probably does know and he will never know because he probably drinking his half glasses of red wine watching HK series.. He love to use the word "gosh, Geez, damn them... ". He is a canadian born chinese live in NYC and teaches in Singapore. his english is super duper chim and his singlish is very fake!!! hahahha! but i just dont like how he critise me in front of my group mates.. I respect him as much as other teacher as i learn alot from him for this past semester, but i think he should not do it this way. Really demoralise the student spirit when it just 2 days before the exams. :(((( i sometime think that he quite "not okay??"

i realise i use alot about his and he.. LOL! 

I do not blame anyone about my english grammar or sentences structure because i wasnt being train to write anything proper with it. we do essay writing in school but the think is i do not like to write essay!  its one of most dreadful thing to do but hey here i am writing a post to rant.. HMMM.. The thing is when my sch teacher talks about my grammar - how the hell i know what is grammar?? i know what is vocab.. but grammar?? there wasnt any real direct teaching about it. 

maybe there is but i was not paying attention in class?? haha! but i will try to improve it :) well if you cant deal with it live with it.. or there is never ending road to learning?? hahah 

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