H&M Spring clean programme - BAD EXPERIENCE!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Just my thought to it. I am sure you all seenthe video from michelle phan about the recycling programme, if you have not do take a look at the video

So I make my trip down thinking that I would have maybe 10-15% off,  knowing that singapore market is different from US market system. And at the same time I want to do a return on a defect clothes which they dont allow to return unless I got the receipt, totally not flexible as the clothes I exchanging is this season and its not like I am exchanging other clothes.. they are practically the same one! Never mind I thought as I know they have rules and regulation, maybe I ask my grandma to search for that receipt.. -.- 

Nonetheless I just recycle some of my clothes that I would not be wearing any more ( no pictures taken because I wasnt prepare to write up any thing). And they accept any clothes u provide without checking.

The thing is that you need to bring a plastic bag (or they can provide you also) to thrown into this recycling bin that they have beside the counter. And they give you this voucher card.

Here it state that $10 off for MIN. $80 you purchase and valid till end of june. Which if you do abit of the min. Purchase calculation the discount you get is 12.5% which is fairly good but I just dont like how the system works with it. As a consumer I would expect 12.5% with any normal price item purchase, and not the $80 min purchase regulation. (Just my thoughts, so dont judge haha!) Because if I purchase anything that is above $80 would be less of 12.5%. So why not just give use 12.5% off everything with a single purchase only haha. Customer happy = bring more cash to the company. Plus I always love h&m clothing.. and its afforable then some clothes at bugis or at far east plaza.

Things that i might want to ramble. I am not cheapskate or dirty fellow that want to cheap on getting the 12.5%, but because i value the company that makes me want part take in the programme; but the staff that serve me thinks otherwise. She is unaware how the programme works and do not want to touch my clothes and ask the other staff to handle it because she though that its dirty clothes, I know abit of malay and my grandma is a nonya so she know very well what she talking. So I was AMAZE how the staff thinks about this programme, which is why now I am not going to recycle any of my clothes to H&M anymore and would just donate to salvation army instead. At least they wont think my clothes is dirty enough to touch. My clothes are all washed and probably been hidding at the back of the closet with some dust collected on it, now come to think of it I am totally regretting recycling it! I rather keep then being humiliated by her.

however, Thankfully the other staff that serve me is ok enough that I dont make a noise over at the counter. 

So is this marketing programme successful over in singapore? My verdict is not so much. The form they ask me to fill up have less then 10 person on it. (Which might be the case that they know through the video or word of mouth) plus the staff is not knowledgable enough to make the process of the programme a pleasant journey for the customer. 

I am a matketing student that study in RMIT and have years of experience to know what is customer satisfaction is important for company growth. H&M you have long way to go. But dont worry I will continue to fund your company as long as I like the clothes there!


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