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Friday, January 11, 2013

hello everyone.. 

i have so many backlog that i do not know what to begin with.. been busy helping my parent that the word "insane" is an understatement.

but recently my meal have been irregular due to meeting and such. Hence my *ahem* resulted in constipation. i usually do "business" like maybe once every 3 days or worst.. er.. 1 week.. but now its like daily after i tried this product. i was hesitant for a moment and even ask my mother if its alright? because our family are quite strict with the "supplement" pill that going to consume. 

Well, from the title above its a sponsored review. Thank you CozyCot for the chance to review this product.

So far like i mention, my bowel system has been good and i would say partially is to the product. 

Quoted from their site

- Improves nutrient absorption by helping to break down proteins, carbohydrates, fats, dairy products and difficult-to-digest foods; while relieving indigestion gas and bloating.
Digestive disorders, indigestion, abdominal discomfort, bloating and gas are widespread. Antacids may neutralize stomach acid, but they slow the digestive process without addressing the true cause of indigestion.
Digestive Enzyme Therapy
Specialized cells in the pancreas, stomach and salivary glands produce digestive enzymes. Along with enzymes found in live foods, they facilitate the breakdown of food that result in its absorption and the production of energy.
After the age of 30, enzyme production drops significantly. Fortunately, digestive enzyme supplementation can enhance nutrient absorption, increase energy and promote overall better health.
Worry less about digestive problems with ProCellaxDG1 and eat the foods you enjoy: dairy, meet, cruciferous vegetables, legumes and grains. 
You may read more about the product herewww.genufoodenzymes.com.sg

i like how now supplement comes with a cotton stopper so that the pill doesnt over spill when you try to get it out. 

Instruction state that 

The most benefits of digestive enzymes are seen when they are taken correctly (optimally a few minutes before a meal) and at a suitable dosage for the individual and the size and content of the meal. Depending on your digestive abilities and the size and content of the meal about to be eaten, you could take anywhere from 2 to 7 capsules of DG1. You are encouraged to maintain your usual diet when taking DG1 for a fair assessment of its benefits. Some take digestive enzymes and feel they could splurge on high-carb, high-fat foods, which could result in food sitting in the stomach longer, leading to indigestion.

HOWEVER, normally i would take 1 pill first to let my body get use to it. But now i have been taking 2 every before breakfast and dinner. why i skip lunch because i tend to eat super heavy in the morning and dinner.. 
if that makes sense. Most importantly i feel comfortable with this routine so that i would "stick" with it.

On the plus side its vegan and halal! 

ProCellax® range of enzyme products are all-natural, vegetarian supplements that provide relief and
maintain good health. There are no side effects associated with antibiotics and NSAID drugs. They are
made from non-genetically modified, natural ingredients tested by GEEC® selected and appointed enzyme
industry-leading team of scientists and experts to ensure that you enjoy the highest quality, purity and
safety. ProCellax® range of enzyme are certified HALAL by IOWA (Islamic Services of America), U.S.A

i split half of the bottle with my mother and she say its ok to invest in this kind of supplement that help aid the digestion. Xmas just over.. CNY is coming.. ALL the holy heaven food is coming and i already smell bak kua and arrowhead chips on my mouth already. So all the more digestion supplement is good to have in your supplement pack if you have one. 

This retails online for SGD$89.90 with 90 capsules/pills inside the bottle so basically if you eat it like me it can last you almost 1 month. Or if you wanna go "cheap" with it. 3 months! hahah!

hope this review is helpful!! see you soon!!

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