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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hey ladies,

if you all do not know what is my holy grail cleansing facial foam, it is the Hada labo hylorinic cleansing foam. I have been using it religiously that i never change to any cleansing foam after that. Elfaine from Ekmedia contacted me to provide me the NEW Biore facial foam.

i was given a choice to choose the selection of foam that they have for different skin types

i selected mild foam(optional) + scrub (not optional). 

Click to enlarge the image

Quote from the PR information

NEW! Biore Facial Foam series has...
1. High cleansing ability vs. competitors.

Low irritation as cleansing chemical does not penetrate skin.

3. The first cleanser that works to rebalance skin – reduce oil at T-zone (forehead and nose) and replenish moisture at U-zone (cheek and chin).

Skin improvement in 14 days! RESULT~

    1. More hydrated skin
    2. Less clogged pores & reduction in sebum
    3. Lighten marks & belmishes


    At that point of time i select base on what i know best for my skin which was normal to combination. Little did i know that after using it during once my skin felt tight. Which was not a good sign because when i use the hada labo cleanser it does not give me that kind of tightness. So in my mind i though may be i am having a bad skin day or maybe just the weather or what. So i gave it another shot for the next 2 days. 

    Sadly it broke me out on my cheek area... i have no idea only that part but the rest of my face (forehead, chin and nose area) are fine. i didnt tried after that and didnt complete the instruction cycle of 28 days. Hence i cant say whether it improves my skin or not and i do not have the photos taken of myself using the product. i do have my break out pict but i dont think its very nice at all and i am at the mist of recovering - thanks to paula choice and vichy!

    However, my brother likes the tightness feeling and doesnt breaks him out.. Weird!! 

    Left: Scrub, Right: Cleanser

    hopefully you can see the tiny weeny bits of scrubby.. 

    Apart from the cleanser.. i have trying out the scrub as well. 

    i know it does sound weird - the scrub does not make my skin feel tight at all and its the 1st time i see a scrub that latter so well, cause normally scrub comes along in a gel form substance. But for this is like cleanser + scrub.

    And the scrub beads is so tiny weeny that i even tried squeezing out alot just to feel the scrub beads on my face. In my opinion, its a great product but if you are use to feeling the scrubby bits on your face, you might need to use a few times to get use to the tiny beads feeling

    Left side of the pict is without the scrub - right side is with the scrub

    Both of my hands are fair to begin with and its obvious that scrub on the right is slightly fairer. Possible that its my dead skin. 


    Cleanser - 2/5
    Biore has its distinctive scent and its quite ok for me. I have pass the cleanser to my brother and his verdict is ok and best part its afforable!

    Scrub - 4/5
    It have to be my pick, its not harsh at all and i really think it work well to be a daily scrubby to be use to remove the dead skin before you put on makeup in the morning or when you about to go out. Plus its suitable for all skin types & afforable! great for anyone who are just starting to learn the basic level of scrubbing faces with beads without worrying being harsh onto the skin.. :)

    Hope reviews is useful

    see you!!

    ** onsugar have been a A** man! i did my post and it says it was spam and need to verify the content -.-!! what the heck?! should have move back to blogger or try out wordpress soon!

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