November Vanity trove

Friday, November 09, 2012

This month of VT is about being beautiful and presenting dream girl's skincare tips that help every girl out there to be beautiful inside out. 


Each trove that ladies gets are going to be different and what i love about it is that they will not skimp on the packaging and the DELUXE sample that they give out each month. seriously its amazing that i get to try out new item every month! - shiok right!


Plus!, each VT cost $25 inclusive of delivery - its abit costly then the other beauty box but you get value for each trove you receive and will never fail to be surprise!

so this month what i got was "Smooth Steps Up"

Add steps to your regime: Bust the pores, fight the oily gloss and keep your skin charges with moisture for the perfectly smooth skin lady would have.

i am super duper excited to try the Neogence Pore solution, i believe most asian girl have problems with pores because our humid weather and those pores tend to clog up easily. the  sample size would probably last me for at least 5 days? which again its hard to judge and such but anything that state reduction in pores or anything pore pore pore (hahah) would eventually attract me to it!


**just abit of skincare update: i been using paula choice BHA 2% liquid i can see results within 48 hours that my pore is much tighter and feel alot smoother and it has been keepng my "study pimple" at bay during my exam period (which thank god! over already!) but one down side is that i cant use it daily as it will irritate the skin on the 3rd day. so i tend to use it 2 days then rest for 2 days and back again as a routine, which sad to say during the resting period the pore would look oilier then usual and would.. ahem can see oil seed trying to emerge out and my itchy hand tend to go squeeze it nevermind..pretend you didnt see anything so i am still looking for the optimal pore cleansing and reducing product  

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