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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hey hey! 

i know i been blogging every now and then recently because exam are over and not much k-drama for me to chase for the moment. BUT i have like watching alot alot of YT videos, so i though i would share some of the video that i have been looking at recently!

i am like crazy over "favourites" video as prefer over the usual makeup tutorial videos, because i think i wanna look into other people favourites? but anyway this are the few ppl that i been obesses about it; not in particular order. 

This women is seriously crazy crazy!! she is one of those talented guru out there that can dance, sing and are honest with their reviews! plus she sometimes give like those diet tips or eating healthy tips which is always a plus point for me.. You will know why later.. just keep reading!

i get to know her channel from those recommended video on the side at the YT home page (the new one is seriously the worst design of all!! not good!!) i like how her video is like straight to the point and not frills. i was naturally drawn into her.. dont know why but it just!

i think many of you ladies know who is she! she seriously is just amazing, bubbly personality and again honest and no frills what so ever. she can explain the makeup step by step clearly and stating what product she uses in every video!! which i seriously appreciate alot!! (like pixiwoo they are amazing ladies from the UK which i wish i able to get the chance to fly over and meet them some how!!) 

i realise i like british/UK accent? maybe because i am obesses about TOP GEAR (which is shows about cars.. yes i am car freak.. i really love cars and test out cars. my favourite car models are MAZDA, HONDA, PROSHE and the old Jaguar! maybe i should do a blog post all about cars!) or just the way they speak.. often me and my friend junry like to speak that kind of accent.. haha so that we can imagine we are out of singapore some how? but dont worry i wont change or what.. i still stand on speaking my joanna-singalish way.. because that is just me.. haha! go see her videos and you know what i mean!

lastly, this is not a fashion/makeup type of video. this is a fitness workout video which you can do at home! plus as i heading towards eating and being healthy the video somesort like a motivation? because similar concept like when you watch beauty haul video they buy stuff and you wanna buy too? yeap! same same concept!! hopefully i can fit into size 12? currently i am between 14/16.. JIA YOU!!

Anyway if you have not notice, i have a YT account now but i dont upload that often because i am still trying it out to see how it works and the lighting and the camera the setting and such. if you are interested and want me to do any looks or review just subscribe to me and comment away

thanks for reading!
see you all soon!

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