Review: Sally Hansen nail polish

Saturday, August 11, 2012

This polish you probably got to see them on the shelf at watson, guardian, sasa or departmental store.

I was invited to attend their introduction for their Diamond strength no chip nail color & Diamond flash dry top coat. basically, the top coat is like a knock off of seche vite top coat, which kinda interesting how we want everything to be fast nowsaday but the transportation is not helping it haha!

Below is the swatch of the polish that was given during the event, i would say i love all the shade and especially the names of the polishes. i try to take the best true to color as possible - taken by my new toy of course. :)

summarise information from sally hansen:

sally hansen diamond strength no chip nail color have total of 18 shades and the formulation of the polish allows the longer lasting on the nails for up to 10 days and quick dry time. In additional of the light reflective diamond powder particles, increases the polishes shine and at the same time creating a multi-dimensional sparkles effect. 

(all images click to full size)

each colored polish cost SGD$13.90

the brush is flat and thin at the same time so it gives more control in your application and the amount of product disperse is much more even.

1st bottle is the top coat which cost SGD$16.90

all swatches are given in 2 coat of the colored polishes and 1 coat of their top coat

sorry picture taken in opposite order. picture taken indoor without flash.

see below for exact order of the polish

swatches taken outdoor natural light

i love the douchrome effect that is so intrend now. I like it when i top it off with a darker base coat and top with one of the duochrome polishes. It gives off like a galaxy stars that kind of effect. 

Rating for colored polishes - 4/5

comment: They are great polishes and the application is easy. It does claim on the shine part but the chipping is not as good as they claim , as mine last about 4 days? which i think is okay? because i tend to be slightly rough with my nails haha! plus i change my nail color every now and then so it does not bother me that much. 

The fast drying top coat is works exactly the same like the seche vite but the consistency is much thinner and it does have that strong industry chemical scent to it, best work in open air room. 

Rating for colored polishes - 3.5/5

comment: picing wise i can get the seche vite at $10-$12 per bot at the scape flea and i think it works better (in terms of drying) then the sally hansen, plus the bottle is not transparent  kind of bottle so i do not know how much is left in that bottle. However, my mummy thinks that the "feel" of the top coat - sally hansen feels nicer and smoother touch. 

thanks for reading

have a nice day :)

disclaimer: Product is sent for consideration and all comment is my honest opinion :) pls comment if you have any enquiries!

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