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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Firstly want to thank kim for bringing me to this fashion event. This is totally new experience for me as i only have chance to attend makeup related and this is like 1st fashion related kind of event. 

And of course accompany along with michelle and rusty - so hard for us to meet up especially school started for me and they are busy working to earn a green notes.. haha. but when we have opportunity to attend the same event we often are the crazy fun and awesome girls. :D love them to bits!


(image frm icefrostdiary blog)

my gift from kim & mich which i, Junry (not in this pict), rusty was surprise by it.. anna sui duo eyeshadow. (K i need to get down to that post because the eyeshadow is gorgeous)


Basically, what Chic Kiss Love is about was like blogshop being collaborated working together to give you a online one-shopping mall.  Which many blogshop are doing to some what like the blue ocean strategy without cancelling or eating each other sale but more like working things out.. haha - this is what i learn in school marketing tactic.. 

"The online shopping world is well saturated with the ubiquitous blogshops in addition to the all-encompassing multi-label stores poised to take out the competition. In response to such a situation, 12 of the better-known shops in Singapore have come together under Chic Kiss Love, a collective fashion house consisting labels which have taken root in the hearts of the locals and established a critical following of their own."

the 12 shop namely are Hollyhoque, MissypixieFoggiare, The Closet Lover, Dressabelle, Hungover Sundays, The Design Closets, MomoteapotsKristine's Collections, The Stagewalk and Vogue Fashion House.

so many shop to look at, i can recognise some i so call visited before like - online window shopping. haha! i like how each shop have their own personalities and the collection they tend to be different, some of the shop collection is being updated once every 2 weeks and even reach to #150+ collection... OMG!


Fews that i recommend is (No particular order and this is base on my observant and not the press release)


  • Insanely 300+ collection
  • Have youtube fashion videos & magazine about doing makeup or dressing up
  • VIP member - how cool is that??
  • Trading ground for item that is pre-loved
  • UK Size stated
  • Price range $25 ++ 
  • Mention about Material of the product



  • Price ranges from $15-$36 
  • Size meaurement included
  • Majority Safe colors
  • Shopping cart option


Hungoversunday - which i must say abit bias to this shop cuz it got my style haha!

  • Shopping cart option
  • Size meaurement included
  • Price ranges from $15-$50+ 
  • Create account options
  • Blog magazine or fashion recommendation plus updates


The Design Closets

  • Simple girly style of outfit. 
  • Great selection of sizes and measurement stated
  • bridesmaid dress kind of design available
  • Price ranges frm $15- $28


and now some of the picture that i took with my new cam (still playing with the setting thou)








and of course we got some goodie bag in the event 


so many stuff ranging from voucher which is entitle for that day or end of this mth


what i really impress in recent press release is that they give out their own thumbdrive - so cool right?


sweets, sample, magazine..


its been awhile since i last bought 17 magazine, now i can see that they have boost up alot in their makeup section and also the trend that is in right now. - Those were the days.. :)


i am very tempt to get the new aqua shade from MUFE.. flipping this reminds me how good the product is and i must use it next week for school. 


not forgetting sunblock.. I am in love with biore sunblock and this is one of them.. it work really well as a foundation primer. Not sticky at all and leave the skin semi matte! dry fast too!

Last but not least, maybelline eyeliner. Which is interesting looking because it not just black but also silver in it too. 

  (click for full size image)



Think this liner is great for smokey eye, can use it as a colored base to pump up the smokey look with a better eye primer. But i do not recommend for eyeliner cause it not really that smudge proof nor water proof at all as to what they claim on the package. 

Overall, i really enjoy the event and manage to bag home 2 shirt/blouse which i think is pretty cool. plus its awesome to be able to shop at one site instead of many site and get confuse in the end. however, i do wish that the area are more brighter and less "guessing" where is the other blogshop haha.

Do like them on https://www.facebook.com/chickisslove

thanks for dropping by.


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