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Monday, July 09, 2012

hi everyone,

i was ask to review on Sunplay Watery Cool sunblock/spray from Metholatum, however this package came in so late (which is on 3rd july and deadline is 7th July) -.-!!

lets not waste time and let me get my initial review of the product.

With recent Singapore weather plus the super scorching sun you know you need a sunblock that is not oily nor greasy to the touch plus to prevent any sun damage to the skin in the long run, in Sunplay sunblock new patent formula that protect against 3 sign of sun damage. Making outdoor more friendly looking

(Picture information provided by Sunplay)

The 1st product i would like to introduce is the Sunplay Watery Cool Mist SPF75 PA+++. 

I went to the zoo recently with my friends so i though that i might want to give this spray sunblock a try, i know that a spray sunblock is not new in the market but what intrigue me is that is "claim" to have watery cool mist effect when you spray it onto the skin. 

(Picture information provided by Sunplay)

During the usage of it during the zoo trip, i am quite impress. The nozzle dispense the product like a mist of water, it has a light spearminty scent that is not over powering, refreshing and as they claim a slight cooling sensation as well. as much as the aid of the mist effect i still prefer to spread on evenly to make sure it gets every surface area on my skin, which i have to say its very easy to blend and does however feel abit greasy and takes about 2-3 mins for it to dries down to a near satin finishes; So its not totally a water base at all in my very honest opinion.

Rating: 4/5

Conclusion: i like the product and definitely will bring this around when i heading to beach or to sunny outdoor use. packing wise is abit big and i wish they have it in travel size friendly that i can bring to travel as well. :)

Sunplay Watery Cool UV Mist SPF75 PA+++, Net Wt. 150ml, Retail Sales Price: $17.90

The next product is their Sunplay Watery Cool sunblock SPF 65 PA+++.

(Picture information provided by Sunplay)

As we know we need to re apply sunblock depending how long you going to be in the sun and also how much spf you putting on yourself plus i am very certain that we do not reapply sunblock with or without makeup throughout the day. haha! yes and i am very guilty as charge. 

nonetheless, i have been trying out quite a few drugstore brand of sunblock for face that acts as a primer before i apply my makeup. but again the term greasy and the classic scent of sunblock turn me off quite a few times.

the initial application is very much the same with other brand, you need to shake the product and dispense in white with a very slim like nozzle.

its quite watery and easy to blend into the skin. BUT omg!! the spearminty cooling sensation is too overbearing that this product is to strong for my eye - i literally have to close my eye while i let it dries down abit which took about 5 mins? so i not sure if this product is a like for me? because as much as i love the cooling sensation on my face i dont want to "BURN" my eyes. 

On the other hand, it does makes my makeup lasted for 9 hours (8-5pm) with my makeup still on BUT i am like a oil machine like for every 2 hours i need to get my tissue to blot the excessive oil off my face. sigh~

Rating: 3/5

Conclusion: not a good idea when its apply directly to face, would probably use it for body use only. its still a good product but i rather much recommend the spray instead easier to use. 

Sunplay Watery Cool SPF65 PA+++, Net Wt. 35g, Retail Sales Price: $17.20


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let me end this post with the cute elephant in the zoo :) elephant love mud as it is mother nature "sunblock" to protect themselves against the sun in the wild - but i much prefer the drugstore sunblock :p




**disclaimer: Product is sent by the company for reviews. all reviews done on this post are my honest opinion and reviews about the product given. 


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