EyeShadow of the Week - MAC - Summer Haze

Friday, June 01, 2012


In my life i never once love the shade of brown/bronze all i know, Champage color looks sooooo nice! wash of color and out i go. Until YT videos showing how versatile brown & bronze where in giving definition to your eye making it more 3d demensional or more define using different variety of brown shades. 

i have many products on neutral color but recently the one i am reaching out the most is from MAC - Summer Haze. i forgot which collection it was from but all i knew it was limited edition and if you lucky can find it still at DFS. it has 2 shades in a pot which makes people like me who are in a rush to work or lazy to think what color to put on a breeze!

you can see better picture of the product from temptalia - click here

i do have "twilight" but that would be in some other post

Love how nice the champage color and the light bronze looks it has plus it sooo smooth! however, the down side is that all mac mineralise shadow are not travel friendly at all!! tell you in a mintue. 


you can see from the picture how subtle the look is - great for causal outing with friends and office looks. if you can get something similar go get it! i believe MAC still have something similar or can get dupes from sephora or local drugstore. 

now the sad part - after taking the photos and i quite please with it... OPS!! IT DROP AND FELL OF FROM MY HAND!! how sad!! the previous "twilight" also happen to me!! such a delicate product. that is why i mention it not so travel friendly at all. this is the after math with some alcohol pressing

although it not pretty now.. but it still works the same, just that i have to be careful handling it from now on :(

what is your eyeshadow of the week? share with me :)

have a beautiful day!

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  1. That is sooo beautiful! Really goes great with your skin tone! Thanks for sharing!


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