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Friday, February 17, 2012

hi all..

yes, i jump into the bandwagon of willing to pay that $15 per month of the bella box that i saw online blogger raves about. Because of my poor experience with one of the similar concept company T** - all they give was sample sample sample, full size was rarely given and quality is like i can rip it off the magazine.

but rusty - musicplayson, blogs about it and i am very impress the item she receive, i got myself in and give it a shot! True enough i am impress with it, i join on the 10 of feb? and i receive it today!

i love how they put in effort for the deco on their box.. makes my $15 more worth while rather then just plain singpost box!

i like the part where they bring in product that is not available in singapore and plus its 100% authentic!!

total of 5-6 item in box of love; who doesnt like it. PLUS IT CURB MY MONTHLY SPENDING OF SMTHING!!

come to think of it! every month its a surprise and always looking what bellabox gonna put into the next month box.

i cant wait to use the eyeshadow!! i think i going to use it today when i meet the rest of my girls :) - no swatches thou because i believe everyone have done the swatching and mine is just the same as them :D


have a great day!!

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  1. I am quite tempted by the recent boxes!

  2. i'm tempting to get it too! but still considering between the monthly subscription or annual subscription. =(

  3. @charlene u haven got it? i tot u have it.. haha! yes this mth caught me!

  4. @winddyy just get the monthly one.. because no diff for free 1 mth. plus u got nothing to lose if u cancel it.

  5. No, I didn't get it. The first few months weren't very enticing... :\


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